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  1. I found this freeware : windows shutdown assistant

    Enable your Windows computer to shut down automatically

    Schedule to run programs or open files, URLs at any fixed time

    Display messages and create notes to remind the events

    Support to lock your computer, in order to protect your data or files

    Compatible with all Windows operating systems

    Tell when to have a break with visual break reminder



  2. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-4-10 02:02 back.gif

    Oh, the finger pointing going on here.

    yes he had the idea and he did it... ( maybe I pushed him a little :$)

    :kiss: please dear No1MaxthonFan don't ban me, I love maxthon so much :kiss:

  3. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-4-9 22:52 back.gif

    As a very strict Global Moderator, you both are violating the rules and regulations of the "Off To ...

    as you can see, Tony alone decided to post this in off topics, I just tried to educate him :$

    here's the proof



  4. 7twenty replied at 2015-4-9 14:45 


    That stopped working for me which is why I started looking for other workarounds. Found YT Centre ...

    I still can use flash instead of html5 : maybe it's because I registered my settings in youtube long ago (logged with my google account) ?

    edit : my bad... it works because I watch youtube in retromode.:o
    by the way, @original poster : retromode is a workaround :)

  5. Oliver One replied at 2015-4-9 11:53 


    But currently, with this page, we can not disabled html5 with UA by default!

    not sure if this works (don't want to enable html5 to test, in case I wouldn't be able to disable it again) :

    right click on video you are watching, "about the html5 player", click on that, then part way down on left of screen use defaut player it disables html5.

    or this : http://www.interleave-vr.com/youtube-proper-player.php

  6. tony. replied at 2015-4-7 18:48 back.gif

    ahhh but

    Although the technology shows promise, it's unlikely to be featuring in our smartphones an ...

    unfortunately my phone is the one thing I cant shut off when I go to bed (being on duty makes it impossible). so a reliable battery is interesting, but aluminium... (well, I don't like aluminium because of its neurotoxicity, unfortunately it can be found almost everywhere).

  7. yes it's easy, as you said using the passport will do it : just sync all data you want to retrieve


    you may also want to keep another backup, just in case : all your data are stored on your HDD here : C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3

    rename it to C:\Users\cathy\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3sav and back again to C:\Users\cathy\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3 if something goes wrong with the sync.


  8. These Jeans Block Hackers From Stealing Your Stuff

    The pockets in Betabrand’s “Ready Active Jeans” are lined with a specially designed fabric that blocks RFID (radio-frequency identification) signals, which are used in a growing number of credit cards and passports to enable secure wireless scanning. Betabrand, however, says identity thieves armed with handheld scanners have exploited the technology in upwards of 10 million heists a year.