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  1. 22 minutes ago, SirNasso said:

    Hi guys,

    Today I tried to install the SiteTalk add-on,but the site says I use too old version of Chrome and it is not compatible.My Maxthon is with the latest user agent it downloads the Opera version of the add-on,but can't install it.So can someone give me any advice?

    And I don't want to use the new 4.9.xxx version of Maxthon,because of lots of missing things.

    don't know anything about "site talk", but at the moment, maxthon can't use chrome extensions. so no wonder you can't install it.

    We were once told that Mx5 would be compatible with chrome extensions (hopefully in the near future)

  2. 8 hours ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

    I especially like the addition of the Extensions they have made available.  About time.  I was after the Mouse Gestures from day one and think I sent feedback almost every day.  LOL and now AdBlock and AdBlockPlus too.  Way to go Microsoft.  I see they have already added a new one "Save to Pocket"


    with mouse gestures and extensions I will certainly use it as secondary browser.

  3. 2 hours ago, livioflores said:

    How can I use these User Agents?

    Go to advanced settings, and you can change your user agent to an already existing one or a customized one (see list top of this thread).

    Be aware that this changes are for all tabs, and unless you encounter some troubles with the display of a particular site, I recommend to use the default user agent (no UA checked in settings), different user agents may cause some sites to not dilsplay properly


  4. In order to replace the flash dll, you can download and run this very convenient tool (By Truuuc) : http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/2583-maxthon-flash-language-updater/

    There are 2 versions : a french version which also updates the french language files and removes all language files but english and french, and an english version

    No installation but you need to run it after each maxthon update.



  5. 10 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    See this post and see the one you replied to? Notice something?

    Seems there's a few of these spammers around. Quite annoying as you think it might be someone who doesn't speak english, then it clicks.

    noticed this too, but was not sure..

  6. 1 hour ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

    That's super news -ody- Congratulations.  I'm sure you'll like Windows 10.  The learning curve is very small.

    I've been using windows 10 for quite a while now, I bought a new hdd drive because mine was 10 years old... question was : how to install windows10 onto this HDD :)


    10 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    In fact, if everything goes to plan, and the new HDD doesn't cause any issues, you shouldn't even need to enter a key. You should be given the option to skip the key entry part of the install and windows should finalise installation and activate without issue.

    I may give it a try on saturday. I'll let you know !

  8. 43 minutes ago, Tony said:

    the original leaves a signature in the MBR or some other part of the drive but that wont be there on the new drive

    after some reading, according to the following the key is stored in bios, I think that's the same with windows 10 :


    The key is now embedded in BIOS and can be retrieved automatically during the activation process in Windows 8. Theoretically, you will never be asked for a key to active your machine. But to have the process run smoothly, you will need the right Windows 8 installation edition that matches the one stored in BIOS. Or, you will be prompted to type in the right product key

    I know my windows 10 key (thanks to winfokeys) and my windows 7 oem key..

    I think I will I will give a try to a clean install and if does not work, then install 7 and upgrade.

  9. Do you know if there's a way to perform a clean install of windows 10 onto a new hard disk drive ?

    My hard disk drive is really old and I have bought a new one. I upgraded from windows 7 OEM to windows 10 home edition last july.

    I think there are 3 possibilities :

    _ either I clone windows 10 from old hdd to new hdd (with all possible errors that came with the upgrade of my old windows 7 to windows 10) :wacko:

    or I install windows 7 with my W7 license key and then I upgrade to 10... time consumming:(

    Or (which would be great) there's a way to install a clean windows 10 onto my new hard disk drive :  using which key ? will I get some issue with activation ?