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  1. Try adding Adblock Warning Removal List: https://easylist-downloads.adblockplus.org/antiadblockfilters.txt (as previously mentioned) You can also report here: https://forums.lanik.us/ (incorrectly removed content) They're usually pretty quick when it comes to rectifying anti-adblock annoyances. Anti-adblock scripts actually rely on the script being blocked to trigger the warning. They name the script something they know will be blocked like "***advert.js". Therefore the fix is creating a rule to allow the script (and only the script) to run. Adhunter also occasionally triggered thes
  2. sajphon replied at 2015-1-5 12:41 I started to develop custom CSS modification extension. It's main features: 1. It's in english! I'm not suggesting you shouldn't do that if you wanna, but all of those features exist in Stylish.
  3. To all the people trying to figure out Stylish, it's not difficult it's just different. To make a global list click "manage styles", then "write a new style". Name it "Global". Instead of ## plus the element like: ##.advert , you need to write: .advert{display:none !important;} once it's specified to add other elements just separate with commas like: .advert,#ad,#bannerad{display:none !important;} and save. If no domain, url, prefix or regexp is specified it applies it globally. For site specific lists specify under "domains" for example: "youtube.com" (no quotes), then name it "Youtube". All