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  1. i see that unfair a lot of people pre-register for MX5 VIP 3 2 and 1 and didn't got the emails = no VIP and when i follow that on a POST HERE they say your register maybe failed -_- well if Passkeeper step my way i will back to Maxthon 4 -_-
  2. no email for me same as alot of ppl who got email ? 10 or 20 ppl ? and 99980 ppl didn't -_- i am VIP3 and no there is nothing on Junk folder -_-
  3. the purpose of the pre-register alpha tester is to send us the alpha test to test it and we give MX support what we found ... did i miss anything ?
  4. 3rd day no email Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. Still no email for me ~~ i am VIP 3 did someone in VIP2 got it ?
  6. maybe they worked on the privacy first and now still only the look and etc (hope so cuz in my Maxthon account all my passwords almost ) if i put my email in the pre-register site is that will sow me my number when I sign up ? or maybe will Complicate the sign up and maybe will remove my email from the time I sign up to this thime and my email will removed from the list +.+ ? or nothing will happen ?
  7. I uninstalled Maxthon 4 to install Maxthon 5 ب_ب look like I will use Edge until I got any email for Maxthon 5 lmao