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  1. Thanks BugSir009 for your help, I finally reproduced it, it looks like this: I might have inadvertently pressed Ctrl+Shift+L to lock the browser. All good now - thanks again
  2. Good point MaxthonJeff, however I have not seen it again to capture a screenshot. It was a window with a one field prompt asking for password to unlock Maxthon and it had my email address as a placeholder. Does it ring a bell?
  3. Thanks BugSir009. Please note that the popup appeared only twice last Friday and never again since. Hence that popup is legit, right? Thank you
  4. Hi BugSir009 Thanks for your reply. My Maxthon is on PC Version7.1.6.1000(64-bit)0726 21:30
  5. Hi MX community I just got a popup window asking me to unlock my Maxthon tabs by entering my password. This is the first time happening. Is this a new feature or should I be concerned? Many thanks