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  1. Great! I just updated to the latest version and I have just sent the log files. Thanks again
  2. Sure thing - I just sent the compressed folder by PM. Thanks a lot.
  3. Yes thank you BugSir006, the passwords have been recovered indeed. And yes I'm currently using version - seemingly not stable enough though as the browser randomly crashes these days.
  4. Sorry to bother - the passwords have just disappeared again. And uu.me is giving me an error message when I try to recover the backup. (see attachment) I'm currently using Maxthon (64-bit) 0319. Would you please look into this? Many thanks
  5. Done! My devices are now using the latest version and the passwords have been successfully synchronized. I keep you posted if anything, thanks again for all your help 🙂
  6. Hi BugSir006 Great! The password data has now been restored indeed as well as my access to uu.me. Thanks a lot. Here are some additional details as requested: 1. The bowser's version number is Version6.1.3.1001(64-bit)0126 when the issue occured 2. I currently use 2 PC and one iOS 3. Yes I use Maxthon Browser in different areas as I am often on the go Hope this helps preventing the issue in the future. Cheers
  7. Hi BugSir006, I just send you a private message with the email address associated with the account. No specific action on my behalf caused this, as I just opened the browser as I normally would each day. Thank you
  8. Hello BugSir009 and Maxthon Team Same happened to me today, with a loss of 1000+ passwords. Moreover, I could not connect to uu.me as it gives 403 Forbidden error. Would you please look into this? Many thanks