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  1. 47 minutes ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

    Neither Chrome nor Edge have a properties on the images either.

    This must have recently changed....  because ALL browsers used to have it.

    Maybe it's a change done in Chromium itself.  It's a change that needs to be reversed.
    "Inspect" is useful, but it's NOT the same as Properties, each is useful.

    The exception would be if they would "redesign" Inspect some so it showed those "basic" Properties in a quick way, close to how Properties would.  Otherwise, for now they should put Properties back.

  2. 1 hour ago, BugSir009 said:

    Hi scottchu.tw, are you referring to the 'properties' selection in the menu? Currently MX6 does not have the properties selection. You could view the width and height details in the 'inspect' selection.

    Hey Bug...

    He's talking about on a Webpage when you "Right-Click" an Image, in a normal browser at the very bottom (where you have "Inspect") there is normally a PROPERTIES option there.  This allows you to see the
    - size of images,
    - their name,
    - their URL, etc.

    I'm totally with Scottchu....  This is bad this is missing.  I use this sometimes myself, and I don't want have have to find these things by "hunting for wears Waldo" in the plethora of info in the Property Inspector.
    I'm all for having "Inspect" there for those other situations, but we also NEED Properties back for the simple info etc. I just listed.


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  3. 6 hours ago, alexzhus said:

    The download speed is very slow, with high-speed Internet. 3.2-10 kb / s is this a normal speed for you?

    The download speed for the Beta files have ALWAYS been "slow" (at least at first) for me.
    I think they do eventually speed up generally.

    Maybe it's just a protection mechanism they are using for their download server?

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  4. Quote

    - Fixed the issue that the new incognito window remembered the locked tab in some cases

    Issue is NOT fixed on my end...

    Again, this only occurs when Right-Clicking the Maxthon Icon in the Windows Taskbar opening Incognito Window there.
    Clicking Incognito in the Maxthon Menu (top right of browser) this issue doesn't occur.

    Again, I have TWO pinned tabs (haven't tested otherwise), and they show in the Incognito Window when they shouldn't.
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit, fully updated, 64bit Maxthon Install.

  5. On 5/2/2022 at 12:21 AM, pipinn said:

    Downloader fails with .exe-files bug remains (since

    Good heavens...  What are the Dev's doing?  Can't "Resume" downloads and can't download EXE's?

    I mean, I don't get how they take a browser that already works, and then break multiple basic functions and aspects?
    It's almost as if they are completely "replacing" key aspects of the browser?  Why?

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  6. Spacing Issue.... BUG.  Install, 64bit, v2601.

    Many Tabs open, and there is this big space on the Right.
    This issue only occurs when there are so many tabs and the last tab is a "dropdown".
    Doesn't occur when the bar is simply filled up with tabs, ONLY when they go OVER the amount the bar can fit.


  7. On 3/20/2022 at 2:40 AM, Massor said:

    A little off topic.

    What will happen with MX6 Retro mode when Microsoft retires IE? It will still work?

    I suspect as long as IE remains in Windows it will continue to be used.

    Eventually when IE falls out of need/usage they will likely just use "Edge" as the secondary since it will be the browser installed with Windows going forward?

  8. BUG...?

    Why are certain Web Pages/Tabs "Reloading" when I go back to them?

    For example...
    - this Forum reloads,
    - Google Voice reloads,
    - Sidereel.com reloads

    I'm viewing other websites, such as YouTube and otherwise after being on the above pages for example, then I go back to them and the entire page reloads.
    Why is this happening?  I've NEVER had this happen with ANY browser I've used before in the 30 years I've used browsers.

  9. 10 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Sorry alexzhus, the downloader doesn't support resuming from break-point.

    LOL...  I've literally NEVER seen a downloader like that, as long as the server/download supports Resume, this is a STANDARD feature.
    Why in the world would you guys put an "incomplete" downloader in Maxthon?


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  10. 10 hours ago, Dan said:

    This has got to be a record for the longest time taken to roll out a new browser version -- any longer and I will switch permanently to Vivaldi and Opera...

    I don't really think you're familiar with how long entirely NEW browser releases take, especially one that's based on an entirely NEW browser core.
    Especially since Maxthon has some unique features that other Chromium browsers are mostly to lazy to impliment.

    Maxthon also doesn't have the HUGE tech teams that other company's tend to have.

  11. OMG....  It's a MIRACLE!

    1. Will I finally be able to come back to Maxthon, after stopping usage of Maxthon after "Maxthon Classic" due to the program becoming fat/slow/bloated, and losing good plugin support?  This all caused me to stop using Maxthon and start using "360Chrome" instead which provided most of the features I needed in a Browser, i.e. much like Maxthon and nothing else out there, but also had Chrome plugin support.

    2. The moment I saw the result of the new Maxthon I knew you guys needed to switch to Chromium instead due to the above reasons, but sadly it took you YEARS to do so, and I haven't been using Maxthon since Maxthon Classic.  :(  So, I'm very happy to see the change.  I've been wanting my Maxthon back, 360Chrome was obviously missing a couple of things I liked with Maxthon.

    3. Wth is with the "Bitcoin" gimmick?  Guess I'll have to read through the thread to see, but honestly, this just seems dorky.
    Personally, I think you should just focus on making a BETTER Microsoft Chromium, stand above the rest like Maxthon/MyIE2 used to.  Though, I'm okay with not being a shell anymore like they were, as long as we don't have the bloated crap of the recent Maxthon, as well the crashing crap of Googles Chrome, etc.

    4. Microsoft Chrome Edge if they actually listen to me (unlike the ****'s of Google Chrome), implementing the missing features of Maxthon and 360Chrome, are you worried Maxthon will die?  Is this part why the change, cause you've finally realized you've lost a lot of people, and seeing how the market's going?  Of course, that's assuming the jerkwads will listen, but I suspect they won't like Google didn't, and the fact that Microsoft won't listen to people in relation to how we want Windows Updates to work, doing what THEY want instead.

    Anyway, looking REALLY forward to this....  I hope Maxthon can be my LOVE again like it used to be before the last several years crapshow.

    Thanks much...  :)

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