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  1. Will try that thx but as I don't want it to be default as this is not the intented behavior for a portable version... Thx
  2. Anyway, Maxthon portable version keeps asking what ever we do (set as default or not) FYI I got Maxthon (not portable) on another w10 computer, not set as default (IE11 is set as default) and the issue is not there. Thx
  3. Hi I'm using the latest portable version on different computer. Maxthon keeps asking / requesting rights to do change at startup in order to be the default browser, even if I unchecked the "Keep Maxthon as default bbtowser". Any way to disable that check ? I don't want it to be default browser and I would like it to stop asking for. In my opinion it's not a good choice using a portable version of an application as default oepning program for anything. Thanks