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  1. I've reinstall maxthin and it seems adblock started to work. But some sites still have more ads. Could you please check for example this site https://www.drive2.ru/l/622045680831056346/
  2. As I remember ABP successfully worked at previous versions on android. But now ABP is not working at all. ABP is switched on settings and some filter lists are selected. But q-ty of blocked items are 0. How to fix it? Maxthon verions - Android version - 10
  3. Text auto-fitting feature does not work correctly on my 5 inch FHD Huawei Honor 6, 4.4.2. Pls see screenshots from Maxthon v4.3.8.2000 build 2910 and Chrome 40.0.2214.89. You can see that in maxthon the font size is different among one forum thread while in chrome the font size not changes from post to post. So the thread reading is too difficult in maxthon. The original link on the thread in screenshot here. Maxthon Chrome