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  1. It is not easy but I try to explain: in Maxthon 5 if you press the star you immediately see all the favorites and folders and you can choose which folder to have as Desktop Bookmark.
    In Maxthon 6 to simulate the same view you have to create an X folder, put all the favorites inside and put it inside Desktop Bookmarks folder with other desktop bookmarks.
    In practice, it is not possible to put the normal favorites in the main root because the main root is Desktop Bookmark.


    ( Maxthon )

  2. On 9/10/2021 at 9:27 AM, rambo said:

    You moved "delete" option in bookmarks to submenu? 😮

    "delete" is far most used option. #1 -  why to hide it, make harder to access? 😃


    I understand what BugSir009 says, but also in my opinion "delete" (and copy, cut, paste) must be in the main menu, as Windows want. The convenience and speed that make Maxthon unique should take precedence over the distraction of deleting some user. The additional suggestion to reintroduce the recycle bin as for MX5 is also good.

    I thank all the developers and all the staff for the maturity that MX6 is reaching.

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