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  1. Attached are the videos of both bugs. Both of them are on a reinstalled (user data was removed). On the first video notice how I close the search popup, then press Alt-` (boss key) to hide and show, and then the search popup reappears again. On the second video I've logged in into Maxthon and into the forum. I am trying to drag a file into Maxthon window. bandicam_2021-01-12_18-38-03-884.mp4 bandicam 2021-01-12 18-50-03-837.mp4
  2. I will. Another bug: cannot drag and drop files into the browser window in It was working in Steps: 1. Open Google Image search ( 2. Try to drag an image file. AR: the mouse cursor shows "disabled" state (circle with diagonal line). ER: the file can be moved. I cannot even move the file into this forum window, where it says "Drag files here to attach".
  3. Bug: when Maxthon is shown via the boss key, the search popup always re-appears. Maxthon The bug was present in 6.1.0 too. Steps: 1. Open some page. Use search (Ctrl-F) function. Close search via X in the search popup. 2. Use the boss key to hide Maxthon 6. 3. Use the boss key to show Maxthon 6. AR: The search popup is shown. ER: The search popup is not shown.