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Bug Comments posted by BugMiss006

  1. 4 hours ago, Burn2 said:

    I know it only searches on the current webpage. But it happens very often when I press STRG+F, the search box opens and after I start typing the first character Windows tells me that Maxthon doesn't work anymore and needs to be closed/restarted. The search box gets a black frame than.
    I just tried to reproduce it and attached some crash data.


    Maxthon Crash.png

    I see. maybe the cache is full. Try clear it follow the below picture, please.



  2. On 2016/5/28 at 0:01 PM, Blinderson said:

    I have 4 categories; 3 I can delete. I have renamed some so I don't know which is a default anymore....sorry.

    no sorry. This's our pleasure. whatever solve problems, introduce  features and discuss the features which users hope to add on.

    Some features will come back in MX5. After a few days, I will receive the accurate information and post on forum. Other features, which won't come back when MX5 release, also will back later. That all because of the suggestion from forum~

  3. On 2016/5/31 at 3:45 PM, -ody- said:

    you can delete a note, you can't delete an "untitled note", if there's no other note inside the default category

    I don't consider this solved.... 

    you can't delete an untitled note? I can delete. Could you give me a screenshot? maybe some problems here.


  4. 23 hours ago, -ody- said:

    I see.. I performed a test : at first there is no category and you have to create manually the first category, once created it's called "default" and you can't delete it.

    neither can I delete the empty folder (untitled-1) in this default category.

    If it's by design, I would consider it a "bug by design" lol 

    although I can imagine workarounds to make it "disappear" in case it gets useless, it would be nice if we could delete it !

    can delete note in default category.


    I also will transfer this hope and suggestion to design team~

  5. The split mode will come back in MX5.

    Now, developer tool works well, but only in Ultra Mode.

    Snap(Ctrl+F1) and Find in Page work good.

    what's your computer system and browser version? 


    For Magic Fill problem, could you provide a specific web link with this problem?

  6. On 2016/5/29 at 7:12 AM, Golfmann said:

    no movies will play in Netflix, period. Retro or ultra modes.

    Windows 10 12 gig ram Maxthon v4.9.3.500

    can't re enact it. Netflix problem REMAINS...


    Hello, Golfmann. I transferred those information to test team...but they need a Netflix account. They can't create one because no foreign credit card...

    If you're willing, could you PM me your Netflix account. If it's inconvenient, it's ok. I understand.

  7. On 2016/5/28 at 2:05 PM, -ody- said:

    as far as i can see, there's no default category : when I open maxthon as a guest, skynote is blank, and there is not such thing as "default category"

    The first category is default category. It can't be deleted forever. Its initial name called "default category", but it also can be renamed.

    Since the second category, all other categories can be deleted freely.




  8. On 2016/5/27 at 7:24 PM, Hedgehog Fog said:

    This means that the website work slow in Maxthon Browser.

    This because the website has no default site icon. Usually, browsers catch the site icon automatically from website information. However, if some websites have no site icon in itself website information, browsers can't get it. You will see all places, where need site icon, have no site icon display for this website. This also happen in tab site icon display.QQ截图20160530091620.jpg

  9. Does it can't play in Ultra Mode? If so, this's a confirmed bug of twitter's video, we will fix it ASAP.

    But Netflix problem hadn't confirmed. Could you give me a screenshot of Netflix problem please? and your computer system version and Maxthon browser version.

    Thanks a lot and looking forward to your feedback.

  10. Hello, blinderson. 

    I tested it. I can delete Custom Category, only Default Category can't be deleted.

    Could you help me to verify only can't delete some Category or all Categories can't be deleted on your computer?

    Thanks for kind cooperation and looking forward to your reply.

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  11. 11 hours ago, Dr.Roxana said:

    I have just reported what I have seen about cleanmaster warning No any more else

    Big thanks to you for being polite 

    Got it. This's the detecting result from "Clean Master" on Android.

    We will test later and figure out the reason~ Thanks feedback.

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  12. 20 hours ago, -ody- said:

    @BugMiss006 does your "like" mean you will take this bug in consideration ? it's not solved !! I edited the tag

    sorry, looked wrong. :(

    I changed it back. I tested it. I can delete Custom Category, only Default Category can't be deleted.

    Could you help me to verify only can't delete some Category or all Categories can't be deleted on your computer?

    Thanks for kind cooperation~