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  1. question was: is anything other than membership, that we can use gold for. Is there any other services or features that requires gold coins? *now or in the near future Thank you.
  2. sorry but is there a page where we can use the gold before it expire ? - 143440 golds will be expired on 2024-04-01 so yeah, im a Member Valid until 2028-02-15 and what other services are available for gold? other than Automatic Check-in on New Tab Page = that makes the gold Special Member Identification = that we care and appreciate Video Download Privileges = not for gold... Priority Access to New Features = so what was the last feature that we got in advance? Exclusive Member Feature: Super Bookmarks = that is no longar available online, same as note. Stay Tuned = didn't say to what -------------------------------------- If devs need ideas , why don't you ask the community...