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  1. Hello Maxthon team I have the same issue as the described above. After I upgraded from 4.4.x to the latest version 4.9.x, I can't login into Maxthon Passport. Upgrade from 4.4.x to 4.9.x was a clean instalation. I am able to login into http://my.maxthon.com/, but I am not able to login into my Maxthon 4.9.x Passport. With Maxthon browser version 4.4.x I can login into Passport account without any issues. Do you know what could be the problem? Thanks and Regards Jan Appologies for double-post but I just found out that I am able to login with my phone number on MX browser 4.9.x, but I can't login with my email. Does it help solving this issue?\ I checked my settings on http://my.maxthon.com/ and email I am using to login into my Passport account is valid and verified. Regards Jan