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Status Replies posted by Golfmann

  1. For some reason i cant reply in the forums, Anyway No i never did the syn passport thing, I have just always only used the browser and thats it.    Everything is working fine now, even the home page is back to normal. Does it actually matter if it shows asia when i get ready to install instead of U.S.?   It seems like the same browser ive had all along..


    Also i dnt really wanna fully uninstall maxthon, cause i have a TON of saved sites, and im guessing if i uninstall then reinstall the recent version its gonna erase all my Favs correct?

    1. Golfmann


      The passport saves all your settings to the "cloud", including favorites. You can export favorites to a file, btw too outside of the browser (and import to ANY other for that matter).


      I use the passport cloud sync and have for as along as they've  had it with zero problems. I uninstall each version I am going to replace (saving a copy just in case I don't like the new one and can go back) When you un-install it lets you keep settings too, btw.

      Anyway, glad you are making it work and I also recommend Wise Care 365 which contains the wise care uninstaller which is #1 in my book.


      Good luck and best wishes

      (enough nerd talk) lol



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