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  1. Actually to @Smilefly: You said to let you (the devs I presume) know of any website that has a problem with the new default UA. I have one, cbs..com. Videos do not play on cbs.com if I use the default UA in with adblocking enabled using Wilser's Super Quick List posted on the forum here ... but no other lists whatever. I originally thought of this and reported it as an adblocking problem, but then found that by changing the UA ABP could remain enabled and work. When I change the UA to Firefox, everything works as it should with ABP. Can you see if the default Maxthon UA can be revised to let ABP work as it does when you use a Firefox UA. EDIT(6/6/15): I've been dong some more UA testing today and discovered what appears to be the factor in the UA strings that blocks vidoes from playing on cbs.com ... the browser engine. If I specify the Gecko engine and give it a version (revision) within the Windows elements, cbs.com plays correctly even if it identifies the browser as Maxthon/4.4.5 or Maxthon/4. But if AppleWebkit is specified with or without the parenthetical element "like Gecko", the vidoes do not play. I confirmed this by trying to play them in Safari and they behaved just as they have in Maxthon in Ultra mode. I currently have set the following as UA and it parses as shown by the website whatsmyua.com: { "ua": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1, rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Maxthon/4.4.5", "browser": { "name": "Maxthon", "version": "4.4.5", "major": "4" }, "engine": { "name": "Gecko", "version": "38.0" }, "os": { "name": "Windows", "version": "7" }, "device": {}, "cpu": {} } With this UA CBS.com plays the videos. I dont know if falsifying the engine will cause problems; it seems possible if a website tries to use something Gecho has which Blink does not. The Blink engine being used (lidentrified by AppleWebkit/*** in the UAs) has a problem on this particular website which happens to be the one I watch the most. Another thought hit me as I recall mention that Firefox was following the Chrome path. Does following that path mean Firefox is giving up on the Gecko engine and switching to their own version of Blink from Chromium? Or is it just that they are doing "Chrome style" appearance? Thanks ... <<SL>>
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