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  • "Maxthon browser cannot correctly display the page adapted for IE"

    So I had an issue with one of the websites (DevExpress) and contacted their support team about a specific problem I encountered while using their service. But they basically came back to me and told me "Maxthon browser cannot correctly display the page adapted for IE". Attached are the Screenshot of my message to them and their reply. Can someone please let me know if it is a Maxthon issue or it is DevExpress issue.




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    Just tested the link in the image (an actual link provided would have been nice ;-) ) and I can't see any issues running in MX Retro/ultra or other chromium browsers or IE11 and Edge? Page looks the same on all, and refresh as expected while dev tools is open.


    Is that link the problem? or is it something that you're doing on your end?

    Otherwise as joemax noted, use Retro which uses Trident to render the page.

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    On 2016/6/24 at 2:55 AM, joemax said:

    They know nothing about Maxthon, switch to retro mode to display pages adapted to IE.

    Maxthon is so lucky to have great fans like you guys!

    Yes sometimes there will be some misunderstanding on Maxthon from different sides, and we need to check and identify whethere it's true :):titter:

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