• Is Maxthon Browser especially Maxthon Passport safe to use?

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    Original Creator:Jessica Lily

    Ive been a loyal user of Maxthon but yesterday when I created a Maxthon Passport Account an unknown fear creeped inside me..

    Is this safe to use?

    I login to my bank and other websites and will this steal such info?

    I only wanted to keep my Fav's safe but now Im in the verge of Closing my Acc

    Im not understanding how to trust this site...



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    Original Replier:NO.1MaxthonFan

    All of my banking is done using Maxthon Browser and for over 10 years, I have not had any problem with identity theft or anything of that kind.  

    A suggestion I make to everyone when this question comes up, is to make sure you subscribe to text and email alerts for all transactions.  That way, you will be notified immediately for every event.  As an example, the other day a vendor was having a problem with their system and while still on the phone, I received a notification on my computer that a "card not present transaction" had just taken place and I could immediately see who, what and when

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