• Huge use of RAM !!! 1.5 GB ??


    Hi ! 

    I use the Version of Maxthon (I don't like the 5 Version for many reason) but from some days I have a problem.

    Maxhton Processes use a huge amount of ram, a single process use 1.2/1.3 GB of RAM !!!! That is not normal !

    The total usage of the Maxthon processes is more than 1.5 GB ! Chrome with the same number of tab is around 200MB and the heavy process is around 80MB !!!!

    Due to this huge use of ram, Maxthon freeze a lot of time and give me error ! I have to close it from Taskmanager !!

    As you can see ! Also with Adblock disabled, the difference is minimal.

    PC with Windows 7 64 Bit.


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    Hi federacer,

    I'm sorry for bringing you inconvenience and the late reply. The situation you encountered is unusual. My OS is same as yours but the RAM consumption is much lower, so I think it may be related to some other usage environment.

    Could you please help create full dump and send back to us for reference? It will help us identify the cause and which part and which process it is that eats RAM.

    Attached is a tool to create full dump, and an animation picture to show how to use this software to create full dump. (The software, procexp, is a tool developed by Microsoft. It's safe and light, only 2.7MB. You can click it to use without installation.)

    Any other question, please feel free to let us know.



    Create Full Dump.gif


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