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    Up to this time, as far as for my Portable version of Maxthon Cloud, I have been using PortableApps.com's version without a problem.  Today I finally got around to attempting to try out the genuine Maxthon Portable version.  From the get go, the genuine version would not even get recognized by the PortableApps.com platform.  It wouldn't display on the menu.  I looked under the hood to see if I could spot the problem.  I immediate noticed that the main Maxthon Application file was not present in the root directory.  All the other Portable Apps that I use always have the main Application file in the root directory regardless of whether they are PortableApps.com versions or otherwise.

    After poking around in the 6 or so Folders in the root directory, I found the main Application file in the bin Folder I believe.  Out of curiosity, I Double Clicked on the main Application file icon from there.  Maxthon Cloud Portable did come up.  So, I decided I could rig up a tweaked version of the root folder by adding the main Application file to it ... then zipping it ... then installing it into my PortableApps.com platform from there.  Well, that didn't work either.  It would give me a message that MSVCP120.dll could not be found.

    So ... WHY does the genuine Maxthon Cloud Portable version not have the main Application file in the root directory?  Isn't that a flaw?  Has anyone else been able to successfully install that version onto the PortableApps.com platform successfully as is?

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    Sorry for late reply because I have never used PortableApps.com and I thought maybe others who once used may reply this question as a more authoritative answer...

    As I know, I think this question should be answered by PortableApps because actually they should update the version of Maxthon browser or at least have two version options. v4.4 and v4.9(and v5.0, too) have totally different frame so I think that's why it couldn't be simply replaced.

    If you want to use the portable version of, there are two solutions:

    1, Save the portable version folder, and click application file to lauch your portable v4.9.3.1000(without installing);

    2, We can try contacting PortableApps.com, and request an update for Maxthon browser.

    Hope that could solve your problem :)

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