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Maxthon passport became useless offline in MX5

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I have been using Maxthon since MX3, which was an awesome browser allowing us the full freedom of browsing and customizing. MX4 continued to follow the trend, which strenthened my belief that Maxthon browser is a reliable browser. MX5 is also a wonderful browser in overall, but I am quite unhappy about the way MX Passport work nowadays.

MX4 introduced cloud features like Magic Fill, cloud features in Download Manager etc. Among them I loved the Magic Fill most. I had to remember only one password, which is ofcourse my MX passport. I could login to MX4 offline in the absence of internet and open local sites and even router page. Magic Fill worked perfectly in that situation.

1.png    MX4 while I open the browser before login.    2.png    MX4 featured login even while offline.    

3.png    MX4 Passport logged in offline.    4.png    MX4 displaying the message that it is in Offline Mode.    

5.pngMX4 could access my Magic Fill local database offline and I could easily fill local site passwords as well as router passwords. If I desired, I could even look up the passwords of other sites and try in my mobile for an instance. That was handy feature during emergencies.

But now the scenario has changed in MX5, I am not able to do what I have shown above. I have logged off router, which is waiting for reboot through its dashboard, which includes router dashboard login and filling up ISP login details and rebooting the router. These steps are very annoying in case of my ISP as in my country, there is no better options in choosing ISPs, but I was happy as I had Magic Fill in my arsenal. Now with the MX5, the so called PassKeeper is not performing well in this scenario.



As my router is waiting for reboot, I have no internet for the moment.

MX5 login.pngAnd with MX5, I am stuck at this login form. I don't want to have different guest account and make my router password publicly accessible as doing this can have unexpected concequences. Only if the offline mode could be revived, I could have a relief.

Any body in this forum have better idea, suggestion for me? Mathon Feedback has been very little help in this situation.


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MX5 will have offline login capability soon.  

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