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  1. Maxthon not approved for "Banco do Brasil" site. This issue is very specific to Maxthon users who are holders of the Bank of Brazil. Does someone can access your account at BB using Maxthon? Have you tried it on Ultra and Retro Mode without success. I can normally access using Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera.
  2. Now video issue

    In italy internet connection is very slow . When I see a film i wait some minutes to allow the video loads, but the video not work .In other words if i not play whitin 1-2 minutes video not work. Nowvideo is an exemple but I can still this problem in many other site :curse:
  3. What about the SSL v3 POODLE Vulnerability. How can I disable SSL 3.0 in maxthon?
  4. Hello community, when downloading files, using the option "Upload to my Cloud" will cause the file is downloaded directly into my PC and it's also stored in my Maxthon Cloud storage. 10337 In my opinion this behavior is quite strange. I would expect that the file would only be uploaded to Maxthon Cloud, so I can download it later, for example to another device. Otherwise I have to manually delete it. I supose this could be a bug, but I am not sure, because I usually don't use this feature. If it isn't, maybe it would be better to add option to delete local file after upload or something like that... By the way URL has invalid certificate. 10336 Thanks :-)
  5. Lately maxthon is trying to open the wrong website- 10254 Look at the address and then look at the website that it is trying to open.
  6. Is it me or Maxthon does not show details for certificates, that failed validation? For example I have this page with test certificate - It, obviously fails, but when I try to view its details through Maxthon by clicking appropriate "link" it does not show me anything.
  7. Everytime i try to go to settings > search engine and attempt to delete it wouldn't dissapear. I only need 1 search engine and having that extra is hindering the browser. Thanks of millions
  8. I would imagine that the location is Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Maxthon3\Users\\History\lastabs.dat. However I notice that some of the time the size of lastabs.dat is 0. It would also be good if somebody could explain the fluctuation of that file.
  9. Hi! Recently I had to connect to a non-standard (non-443) port HTTPS webserver with Maxthon. It is not possible to change the inbound port on server. Upon entering: https://:, I got the following: "Error code 312 (net::ERR_UNSAFE_PORT)". A search yielded Now here comes the question, if Maxthon is based on a Webkit, will this solution work for us? Also, I would like to have these settings configurable in-browser (as I see these console-flags a clumsy anachronism). Please consider this improvement.
  10. Hello, it seems that Maxthon doesn't have the "work in offline mode" option... It is causing problems, when the Internet connection is not available and the computer has more network adapters (such as VirtulBox). Maxthon tries to connect (that's good), but it is impossible to establish the connection. Unfortunately, the operation isn't cancelled after some time. The problem is when I want to reload some page from the cache, Maxthon won't do it. Switching Wi-Fi network card using the WiFi button doesn't help, because it doesn't affect the virtual network adapter. The only solution is to manually disable the network adapter. 10224 It would be great to add option "Work without Internet connection" ("Work Offline), which should solve this problem. (The option could be hidden in Menu > Tools.)