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  1. I have several passwords saved, but when they change and I overwrite them when prompted to login, they do not update the saved password.
  2. Google is not my default search engine, but searching from the address bar always goes to google -- worse, it goes to, because my IP is Dutch, so it spits out everything in that horrible language. How do I make google go away?
  3. Hello, I have a problem with facebook videos, if I want to see a video the popup is open but there is no video. I try install flash etc, but the same result. 11490
  4. On some websites, as you search, the find-in-page-window disappears. Example: go to this website: Now, try to find "comment" , and then go to the next occurrences .
  5. On the maxthon home page, there are several AOL links. After opening these links, the page keeps on auto-refreshing. Quite painful and frustrating
  6. I have found some Adblock Plus lists I wish to use. How can I add them in? I don't see a place to enter custom lists.
  7. It would be very useful to my if I could sort by URL in the bookmark manager. I have some folders with way too many things in them and this would be helpful to clear out the ones for the same website, but different page.
  8. How can I have clickable email addresses on websites open gmail in Maxthon browser to send messages? Currently, when I click on email addresses, they open gmail in my Chrome browser. Thanks.
  9. With Maxthon 2 we have an option to disable gesture trail. Why this option deleted in Maxthon 3 and Cloud?
  10. I miss having the option to open links in new windows within the settings page. I don't always want a new page opening in a tab. I like to have a few instances of my browser open in different windows where I can click on them and organise them better.
  11. Page Scrambling

    The Latest stable version seems to have problems displaying sites, I was watching a video and when I played it, the loading symbol blinks after a while then when I scroll down or up, The page is being scrambled then it reloads the page. And just now, I was searching in google and this also happened. 11277
  12. Font issues

    Hi, for quite some time I'm having a problem with the look of the fonts on sites/adress bar. Soometimes they look normal, sometimes ragged or something... Any1 with simillar issues? Problem occurs on current beta and previous stable version.
  13. When I open a js/css file in sources tab of developer tools and try to select some text, Maxthon cause extensive disk thrashing. My system is Win7 x86.
  14. v4.4.1.5000 running on Windows 7. Tells me that maxthon is up to date, so is my W7 In the past two days i have had problems sending emails on Yahoo mail with Maxthon Browser. If i click compose, the blank form appears, but before i can ad and address it closes and reverts to my inbox. I was able to send no problem using a different browser. Turning ad hunter off did not change anything. I tried Retro made and i was able to send an email but the top of the page shows this: "You’re seeing Basic Mail because you’re using an unsupported Internet browser. Upgrade your browser for the full Yahoo experience" Also, on another web site i visited multiple times in last several days I got this: "Warning: You are using an older browser that might not be able to access this website in the coming days. To continue using this Website, you must update your browser -- Click here to see the full list of browsers this website supports and how to upgrade your browser."
  15. I have a question, when I log in from a pc or device is logically my maxthon browser. But my question is, if I browse maxthon why facebook tells me that I navigate in Chrome. Before maxthon must have its own navigation and must display this message.- facebook, you are surfing maxthon! Why not display YOU ARE USING MAXTHON?????
  16. Well, here's another ( strange Maxthon "feature" now...Yahoo Mail keeps crashing! So now not only does Maxthon not mix with the Lockdown WP Admin WordPress plugin, but it doesn't play well with Yahoo Mail.
  17. Hi, My collegue notified me that Maxthon have many strange activity. He sent me the log of our CheckPoint URL Filtering and we can see that Maxthon download something of ~140megs. 11083 What is it that ? How can I disable the module who download this data ? Thanks you very much for your answer and I wish you a very merry christmas. Sébastien
  18. i want to open homepage in current tab like chrome. but can not find any option. please tell me how to solve this problem. thank you:D
  19. I would like to configure my Quick Access Dials for having a thicker border. Which CSS Style do I need to change? More generally: Is there a somewhere a documentation, which CSS styles are suitable to change via the "User CSS" settings in the dial style configuration menu.
  20. Hello I reinstalled my computer and now i have no history and the online history only remembers from 18th of December.
  21. update

    I couldn't resize the individual shortcut boxes, so I ungrouped them, to see if that would help. Doing that lost all of the shortcut links in those boxes. How to restore them? Or go back to the previous version. I am not loving it so far. It appears they are copying Windows 8's style. Why, I don't know.
  22. Could someone help me on how I can enable ads and other popups which redirect to external links on Facebook? Disabling adhunter and pop-up blocker does nothing. Whenever I click on any ad or any other external link, it kinda redirects me to the Facebook homepage. And there's also no option to copy link url to clipboard option so that I can open it manually in another tab by pasting it from the clipboard. Is there some way I fix this redirection to the Facebook homepage every time I click any external link?
  23. Is it possible to set the searchbox keep the same input on all the different tabs(like in firefox)? Without it the searchbox is kinda useless and I'm used to using it a lot. Also is it possible to set the searchbox keep the same size instead of changing size on selection?
  24. I have a problem to update my Wordpress site when i use Chrome or Mozilla Browser i didn't have problem here i'm showing the image using mexthon here i'm showing the image using Chrome some text are not appear like a post title and some form :@ my favorite Browser is Maxthon because it is not using unwanted spam plugin it's not like a Chrome unfortunately I'm stopped to using maxthon now and going to use chrome or firefox untill maxthom will fix the problem
  25. Using the newly released version and I'm getting the Chinese text again at the iMaxthon start page: