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  1. Proxy prob

    I had no problem before but today I looked at my settings and it was set to use ie proxy. So I set it back to no proxy and now pages wont load. I do use a vpn, I am using wifi through an extender. What more info do you guys need to help me out?
  2. For years now every time I install new version (either beta or public release) i have to go to advanced settings and deselect "Create Desktop shortcut" and select "Join UEIP". I wish that this installation settings were stored somewhere so next time I upgrade the version those preferences are automatically selected.
  3. Sometimes browser creates new tab named "" (you can see image with problem in the link). You cant close it normally until browser restart with last session. Saw this problem on older versions of MX5 sometimes, but on it appears much more often.
  4. Hi, New favorites bar is now missing star icon which shows you all the favorites V V
  5. So after updating maxthon, i had changes in the design of youtube and some other sites. Im not comfortable with the new designs of the websites, is there any way to put it back? Edit: Fixed problems with other sites, but dont know what to do with youtube.
  6. Hello! I'm XP (2003) user. I need to keep version 5.0 because at 5.1 flash not working well. Is it possible to prevent somehow automatic update? I delete MaxUp file but after restart it's back. I'm uninstalling 5.1 and installing many times 5.0. Nowhere is option in ettings about update. :\ Thanks.
  7. Hi I'm playing lots of slots on MX5! Now I have problems whith loading up Play'n Go:s newest slot called Reactoonz at any casino on internet! I have tried Chrome and Firefox but in booth these browses I get a message that my Hardware isn't function and is turned off,but whith MX5 I don't get this message at all instead it just loading the slot all the time,I can't get the slot up and play it just loading. Si just wondering if someone knows about what I can do to make this new slot to work in MX5 Do I have to install something in MX5 or what? I haven't got any trouble whith Netent:s o QuickSpin:s slots at all,it's just Play'n Go:s newest slots,so if you have knowledge about what I can do about this problem please answer this comment
  8. "open link in new tab" always worked like "open link in new tab in background mode" which is VERY FINE! starts opening link in new tab and make this tab active. THIS IS WRONG! [EDIT] Dragging link with mouse correctly opens link in new BACKGROUND tab
  9. After updating to, I can not click on the homepage ( The cursor becomes a hand and nothing can be clicked.
  10. PC version of MX : I can't find any way to white list the comment section (when you choose an article), so I just have to disable ad hunter for this website: Not only that, but plugins that allow specific blocking of HTML tags don't work well there: Really wish the ad-hunter would be more user friendly, like those plugins, with white list, clicking to block, ability to block higher/lower-level HTML tags, etc...
  11. The search bar in youtube has disappeared! Any ideas?
  12. Hi, could someone tell me how to add bookmarks please? It seems to be quite well hidden.
  13. Login error

    I'm using the NordVPN program and from about a week, I have a problem with logging in while using a VPN connection. Web pages load correctly, but there is no account synchronization. This happens both on Mx4 and Mx5. Mx4 Mx5 @BugSir006 Is it possible that your server has rejected vpn connections? Interestingly, if I use the double VPN connection option, e.g Sweden-Netherlands then logging in is established. Does anyone else have a similar problem?
  14. I have this error since I updated to version, every time I go to Rockfile, with the previous one not happening:An extension caused this webpage to stop working. Please disable any extensions that may block ads to continue.ERROR_19847. How do I fix it?I would replace the previous version, but I do not know what it was ...
  15. This is Corrado, a newcomer. It's about half an hour that when I select "open new tab" it appears an image that I attch below: what does it mean? How can I solve it?It never appeared before
  16. When opening the console in browser I get a lot of data: start parse VM102:1 -------createCandidate() tag: DIV className/id: /page VM102:1 getContentScore: 0 VM102:1 classWeight:0.19999999999999996 VM102:1 -------createCandidate() tag: DIV className/id: aui-page-panel content-body/aui-page-panel-content-body VM102:1 getContentScore: 0 VM102:1 classWeight:0.9999999999999998 VM102:1 -------createCandidate() tag: DIV className/id: aui-page-panel-inner/ VM102:1 getContentScore: 0 VM102:1 classWeight:0.9999999999999998 VM102:1 -------createCandidate() tag: DIV className/id: /pull-requests-content VM102:1 getContentScore: 0 VM102:1 classWeight:1.7999999999999996 VM102:1 -------createCandidate() tag: DIV className/id: paged-table-message/ VM102:1 getContentScore: 0 VM102:1 classWeight:1.7999999999999996 VM102:1 -------createCandidate() tag: DIV className/id: pull-request-intro/ VM102:1 getContentScore: 404.958408504651 VM102:1 classWeight:1.7999999999999996 VM102:1 -------createCandidate() tag: DIV className/id: intro-columns/ VM102:1 getContentScore: 393.4766714339584 VM102:1 classWeight:2.1999999999999993 VM102:1 getCandidateList 7 VM102:1 candidate tag: DIV score:865.6486771547083 className/id: intro-columns/ VM102:1 candition1: 2.6850145073036855 score: 865.6486771547083 contentArea: 282100 textsArea: 282100 averageFontsize: 14 encodingType: 1 VM102:1 candidate tag: DIV score:728.9251353083716 className/id: pull-request-intro/ VM102:1 candition1: 2.3187323563886895 score: 728.9251353083716 contentArea: 345800 textsArea: 345800 averageFontsize: 17.6 encodingType: 1 VM102:1 candidate tag: DIV score:0 className/id: /page VM102:1 candidate tag: DIV score:0 className/id: aui-page-panel content-body/aui-page-panel-content-body VM102:1 candidate tag: DIV score:0 className/id: aui-page-panel-inner/ VM102:1 candidate tag: DIV score:0 className/id: /pull-requests-content VM102:1 candidate tag: DIV score:0 className/id: paged-table-message/ VM102:1 results length:0 It happens in any website. Also when the developer tools is opened pressing F12 again does not close it.
  17. I am seeing up to 8 instances of Maxthon running in addition to the Maxthon program,9 Total, but typically 7-8 instances when I look at Task Manager in Win 10. MX5 V5.1.3.1000 Maxthon is using more Ram than any other running program or service. Is this normal or is there a problem with this many instances running? In the attached file, I have sorted Task Manager by Memory so not all Maxthon instances are showing. I believe there are 1-2 more instances not shown. Maxthon is sluggish, slowly loads pages and when scrolling through a Facebook timeline only part of the page is displayed unless I scroll up and down the page until it fully loads the image. Also, is it possible to display the CPU, Memory and Ip information at the bottom of the screen as in Maxthon 3 and 4 versions?
  18. goggle search?

    in maxthon 5.3.1000 when you type in an incorrect domain it prompts you to do a "goggle" search. Is that intentional?
  19. I have encountered this with many Maxthon versions, all the way up to the newest. After keeping a Maxthon window with a ton of tabs (yeah I always have a gazillion tabs open) open for an extended period of time, normally a few days, Maxthon just stopped working (but not crashing). I get an error message and a blank page when I type something in the address bar and hit enter. Then I find myself stuck.
  20. I have been using Maxthon for quite a while. Since version 5 I have many problems with it. It is very slow, I always have to login when starting the browser, no automatic login possible. At some sites password fillout with passkeeper is at least 10 seconds long, which is horrible. Any help is appreciated. Thx in advance. BTW I could not choose the maxthon 5 support forum, as the selection of that topic simply does not work.
  21. I have got a strange issue with MX5 ( and my system sound (Win7 Ultimate SP1 x64). When I play any stream(s) on, I can hear the streamer(s) audio(s), but everything else on my system becomes mute, including any game or audio application I would launch. All application I try to use afterward simply stop producing any sound. I have tried playing around with my audio settings, in particular: Playback devices > Speakers > Advanced > Exclusive Mode, which I unchecked. I have tried about 5 other browsers and none of them exhibit this issue. I don't know if this is somehow specific to my computer or settings, and if it is, won't that affect other browsers? Or is there some option in MX5 I missed?
  22. Can't Sync

    Wasn't having any problems until today. Then I logged on to my other laptop and added a couple of links while I still had the browser open on my desktop. Turned off the laptop, and went back to the desktop, tried to sync and it hangs up with a little "!" in the middle of the sync circle. How do I figure out what's going on and fix it? Nvm, updated the version on the laptop and now it syncs, sorry about that guys.
  23. However, I can not insert a QA file into a QA folder. Even though I update: it does not work. Something is always.
  24. Welcome! I'm using a new version of the MX browser, and I have a problem: 1. At startup, the browser asks for elevated access rights each time. 2. At startup and every 10-20 minutes, the browser runs the package installation, which also requests elevation of access rights. What causes the use of the browser to the unwanted. I use a browser in a corporate environment. All users have only the level of user rights, not the administrator. In connection with this, I do not wish to see requests for elevated user rights.
  25. facebook take too much ram memory ..why mx do not clear it ,,it is essential ,,