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  1. Before this, I had been using This morning I very briefly used before quickly finding out at Major Geeks that was now available. So, I don't know if any of the other versions after also exhibit this problem. Anyway, as shown on the attached image, there is an annoying ad sort of thing there at the top of the GUI. It comes up EVERY TIME I bring up MX5. Sure, it can be X-ed out. That would be tolerable IF it happened only 1 initial time. But, EVERY TIME? NO! That thing has got to go. And it shouldn't have to be one of those under the hood fixes that we the users have to perform via AdBlock Plus. It should just not be there. It was bad enough that before this, the rendering of the MX5 GUI takes noticeably much longer to load than the Maxthon 4 GUI. Adding that annoying ad thing just adds to that already long load. Is there a setting that can make it stay GONE?
  2. my patience with Maxthon5 is ending! ! ! 4 official versions since last 10 days and no version is working. V5.2.1.4000 always freeze when i start maxthon again. only after new install maxthon5 works till next close & open. (Win10 64-bit on Desktop PC & MS Surface Tablet) im finished with maxthon! ! !
  3. No play video on YouTube(Win10x64 and Win7x64). ABP - off.
  4. hi, hope someone can help, but in the past when have downloaded the new MX5 I have had problems as never picks up favorites at all despite when all other upgrades have done these are where they should be so have always taken it back off system and reverted to MX4. How can I get favs set up ok and as started to get a couple of web sites saying my browser out of date so if can get this sorted will have another go at MX5. Marcus
  5. Hi Maxthon Browser V is new. When I try to load the Google+ page, it only loads 1 page. The rest of the pages do not load. The hourglass keeps spinning. This is not in the previous version, it is not in Google Chrome. Thank you
  6. I use the Portable version of the browser on win7. I can not watch videos at these addresses: another video on this site Check. How do these videos work for you?
  7. Hello, I would like to know how I can extract or export the passwords saved in Maxthon. Thank you ¡
  8. I've found an oddity in Maxthon whilst working on my own website. I have not customised the user agent, and Maxthon has been doing this for a long time - it's not a new issue at all, but I'm only now looking into it in detail. When browsing normally, Maxthon delivers the following user agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/61.0.3163.79 Safari/537.36 Maxthon/ However, when I follow a link from Google search results - either natively on Google or from the Google Customised Search embedded in the site - the following user agent is reported: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/65.0.3325.181 Safari/537.36 Note both a different Chrome version, and lack of the Maxthon version bit. The only clue I have as to how or why this is occurring is that Google search results do of course redirect your click through Google's system for tracking, rather than being a plain, direct HREF going straight to the end page. I wonder if it could be something to do with how Maxthon handles header redirection?
  9. 1) Printing isn't possible...Print dialog is hanging. 2) utorrent WebUI doesn't have deleted my thread. I'm rolling back to Come on, delete this thread as my previous. Good luck in cleaning "Maxthon Support & Discussion" section. Then what is this forum for?
  10. We have a internal site using Windows Authentication popup for login. In, I enter usename/password and press enter. The site responses with login failed. However, when I turn to use, it works fine! Maybe something's needed to be checked and revised. Justa let you know.
  11. What still bothers me: And I'll say it right away: In the past, I've been more involved in the forum, but that's also because I have recently received stupid replies from a member of the forums moderators. What still bothers me after so many versions: Import at the bookmark: No feedback, restart the browser: Then the bookmarks are there. So always restart. OK, you often have it with Vivaldi too, but with the Chromes, this is avoided by temporarily switching off the extensions, all. Unfortunately, MX does not have such a feature, just like Firefox. You can live with it, but it is not beautiful. Then you can sort the bookmarks in Maxnote by alphabet, but on the displayed bookmarks bar is nothing. At V it all worked. Well, I have to say honestly, the Firefox Quantum 59 convinces me right now in front of all other browsers also in terms of gesture control. I used to like Opera and Vivaldi too, but that's where it's hard to do the gesture control. The browsers do not accept any addons in this regard and you can forget about the onboard. Only MX and Firefox convince. And Firefox convinces me more now.
  12. I have posted before about the last session function or open all function failing. It has just happened yet again. System updated without notice (previous times were Maxthon crashes) and I rushed to see if all the opened pages were logged. They were, phew... So I clicked on "open all". Next thing I know, the "Last session" page closed and only about two thirds of the tabs from the last sessions popped up. The rest one third vanished into thin air... Then I tried to salvage them by reopening the "last session" window. Poof, all gone... Version I really don't understand why this issue hasn't been paid any attention. It is one of the most useful functions that set Maxthon apart from some other browsers.
  13. whats going wrong with V ?? every time when i close maxthon and start again - maxthon use a foreign chinese account. logout dont work. after installing maxthon new again (without deinstalling) maxthon work with my account till closing maxthon again. every time when i change a link on QA - QA get bit darker and freeze. reloading QA dont work - only closing maxthon works.
  14. Slow js performance on all 5.2+ versions (windows 10 x64)
  15. When I click the button to open a new tab, I should get a page with my favorites. Now I get a blank page and after a while I get a page referring to (see attachment) Anyone has the same problem and know a solution?
  16. I used to have Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) as my default downloader in Maxthon. I have become disenchanted with it and uninstalled it. I got rid of it in Maxthon Settings. Nonetheless I continue to battle the ghost of DAP when I try to download in Maxthon, as you can see in the screenshots. I have done registry scans with multiple scanners to try to root out DAP: I found no entries mentioning both DAP and Maxthon. Upgrading to the latest stable version of Maxthon did not rid me of the ghost of DAP. What do I do?
  17. Hello everyone. Since the last update, I do have an issue with the default RSS reader included with Maxthon. I do use it since the first day I use this browser and never had problems before. So now my RSS are not saved, every time I shutdown the computer and return, all my RSS feed are gone. I can put them back of course, and it work, but only until I open the browser again. Weird thing, at least I think it's weird, some articles are saved, like in the picture, but not all, I don't know why. New ones don't show up. I wonder if others have this issue, or if you know a way to fix that. Thanks.
  18. Hi, since last few weeks i am unable to login to my profile. PC version, windows 10. The same is on my android phone. I live in Bulgaria if that matters. I tried to ping and, both seems offline from here. Also can't open . I did full reinstall of MX5 but still can't connect. And even worse now i am not able to connect to passkeeper and download my passwords from the cloud....
  19. Since I find it impossible to get files to render in MX5 . Not in ULTRA or RETRO . I will never be able to use it . When I reinstalled my . My current favorites were gone . Replaced with my 3 year old favorites . WTF ? I have been a 100% loyal user since 2012 . It is now almost impossible to use Maxthon . I need to recover my current files . Please . Here are some examples of how bad MX5 is .
  20. Since upgrading to I've had only problems. Beside the previously reported certificate issue I have noticed that Maxthon acts really strangely with focus. When I have one instance of Maxthon running and click on the Maxthon desktop icon again, another instance will open. This was never the case before. If I clicked on the Macthon icon, the currently running instance would come into focus and no additional Maxthon instance would pop up. The second issue is Maxthon stealing focus when working with other programs, in my current case that would be Total Commander (a file manager). If I open a search window in Total Commander and search for a file, and then double-click on that file in the search results to get taken to the folder where that file is located, Total Commander loses focus and Maxthon comes to front instead. It's like Maxthon somehow interferes with TC. This only happens if Maxthon had focus immediately before I switched to TC. If I am in Maxthon first and then bring another program in focus and then TC, then this won't happen. I think this is happening because Maxthon has some sort of a focus bug. If you have Maxthon open and you click on the Maxthon launch icon (provided it is visible -- either in the Quick Launch or on the desktop, when your Maxthon window is not maximized), you will see that another instance of Maxthon opens. But if you minimize Maxthon first and then click on the icon, the already running instance will pop up into focus instead and no new instance will be opened. All these problems are reason enogh for me to now uninstall this version and go back a few versions to one that I had before that worked fine.
  21. Recently I started having message that Maxthon desktop icon is abnormal??? Point is that there is no icon on the deskop at all - Win10, Win8.1 and MX5 After repair it is OK for a day or two and message comes back.
  22. I found a funny bug with pop-up hints. First you need to move the cursor to the profile of any user on this forum and wait for the pop-up window with the information. Then click "Add to Maxnote" on the command line. Here, when you hover over the various buttons, the "Add to Maxnote" window disappears.
  23. just got a crash here on the forum while sending a post : maxthon became unreactive, I had to close it.
  24. Mouse Gesture "Page Top" and "Page Bottom" on YouTube start and finish play video. Is there a solution?
  25. says its news - takes me to here wtf is that all about