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  1. So I downgraded to and it works perfectly. Anyone can confirm the same thing for
  2. Forced Auto-update?

    Hey, I've updated to the latest stable version which forced me to auto-update to the latest beta version. Usually I update the betas as well, but this time I did not want that. Why is there no option to set auto-update on or off? I did not want to be forced to update whenever. I decided to rename the updater file for now, but I think that the decision to update or not should be up to the users. Please add the option to disable the updater.
  3. First, after installing the official version MX, Violentmonkey disappeared from the Iridium script, but the Youtube + script appeared, which I had already deleted before. Okay, it's not hard for me, I installed Iridium again. Secondly, again the script works "crookedly": after switching to the Youtube site, the script Iridium does not work, but if you open any video in the next tab, everything works as expected.
  4. passkeeper is sync every time, every change and it's not have sorting function. In the office condition, I think many user have same problem: every each 1~3~6 months need change password again. we need modify by our-self one by one to edit the password. passkeeper is not support select or choose some special account to edit password at same-time in once.. otherwise, in our company, MIS change the IP address but keep URL => passkeeper record many same URL in my passkeeper I need modify the password one by one, but it's same URL. please fix this problem.
  5. Hello MX, could you let us to disable PDF open on MX and that we can download it by MX downloder or IDM? sometime, the MX open the PDF but is very simple function. we cannot remark, or others..... also when we want to save the PDF file into PC, the file date cannot keep file original date. this file date is long long long time issue on MX downloder and nobody to fix it or have user have option to keep file original date. it's not good for us.
  6. Windows 10 64bit, fully updated. Maxthon freezes at first run. It does display some parts of GUI but I need to force close all instances of the program and then run it again which then loads completly. In older 5.2.x betas I also notices that sometimes the GUI does not load completly (mute, full screen, split creen icons are missin and/or favorites bar is not loaded) and now it just freezes. It's getting worse!
  7. This problem has existed for a long time as a recognized bug. After months and months an months of waiting, it was solved by the first version based on chromium 61 core ( Now, it is back in the latest versions, for example It's a very important big bug and it's incredible that you can not solve it permanently !!! Please provide !
  8. I have a portable MX5 on my Win7 32bit PC. Each time I use PC, when I open MX5 first time, the mx://last-visit will hang quite a while. But after this, the mx://last-visit acts ok. What could be wrong with MX5 on my PC?
  9. after I update to and 1300 and yesterday update to 1400. the Quick Access Sync function is not workable again and again. the maxnote sync feature is work well, but QA is not ok again. I have send issue at before in 4.x MX. I don't understand why the MX update he browser version, and it's always bring the basic function not workable problem. i.e.: open page very slower issue, QA sync issue..... and I have other one question, I think it's a bug for me, maybe other friend have same concern. when I stay on the QA page, and click any one quick icon link A, then I click another one (icon link B), the tab should open 2 tab page (A and B. and the sequence should be A then B on the tab page now, I got many times that the tab open sequence be: a. QA => A => B b. A=>QA=>B c. B=>QA=>A d. only QA and B (A link is not open)
  10. Hello, after closing Maxthon Browser, a process MxUp.exe stays active in memory. 1. What does it do, besides checking my desktop icons? 2. How can I prevent this? Many thanks in advance Eva
  11. Hello, now i have v5.1.7.2000 but problem have in old versions too. My mx://last-visit/ sometimes dont save my pages when i close program. In MX Cloud, and firts versions MX 5 all its ok, but now its frustrating. I try reinstall program, windows, disable all addons (some time ago i use session menager) but its not repair this. I have win 7. Anyone have idea, and can help me?
  12. When I tried use browser this morning it open sites like this. I tried clearing cache and cookies, didnt help.
  13. I have been a Maxthon 4 browser user for over 6 years . Many different versions . I am now trying to upgrade to MX5 cloud browser . I have a lot of favorites and skynotes that I brought up on my PC . Hundreds of them . Barely able to transfer to MX5 . Why would you make MX5 more difficult and less user friendly ? ( don't answer that ) . I have 1 username 1 gmail 1 password . 1 version of MX5 Is it possible to find my PC cloud with my laptop ? Because so far I have not found a way .
  14. Hello, how can I keep Maxthon from pissing me off with these constant notifiers, "Shortcut Error", with a "Repair Now" button? I believe that it is absolutely none of Maxthon's business which desktop icons I have, and where they go to. Thanks in advance Eva
  15. Hi, My Maxthon updated to however I don't see this version in download section.
  16. Each time you update the version you bring back the old troubles, Please For a better experience on Facebook, update your browser. you made the browser old. I cant browse the on Maxthon, the Captchas etc dont work on this Browser, YOUTUBE still giving problems, Loading is so slow of any browser tab, crashes ridiculously happen and never addressed in the updates. Essentially Maxthon is like Elephant slow.... Each update gives ugly experiences, your favorites are gone, you side bars are gone, your logins are gone, hell to gather every thing back together...please make it a fast and pleasant experience than living in unpredictable world.....
  17. Has there been an explanation as to why Maxthon won't let the window be resized to less then 1000px? Very annoying when you're trying to use Windows' snap feature and things aren't snapping to what you expect because MX doesn't want to co-operate. All the other browsers seem to have no problem being resized to 500px, and some even down to ~270px.
  18. Hello! At some point of time I noticed a brocken link in my start menu - Maxthon 5 it is. I checked executable it points to and I was unable to locate file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Bin\MxStart.exe". I Checked all things deeper and found two links more, they point to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\\Bin\MxStart.exe" - does not work "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\\Bin\MxStart.exe" - working one I wasn't sutisfied with the fact that my last release of Maxthon installed in "historical" folder. I made a clean install of last release mx5.1.6.3000.exe and last beta mx5.2.0.900-beta.exe, but both of them use "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\\" folder to install despite of the fact I point install folder as "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\" Is it a cosmitic bug-feature or I made a misstake somewhere?
  19. V fails to start after installation. I tried several things including killing all Maxthon processes, but none worked. I had to install V to start up the browser. It was close to giving me a panic. Why were two different versions released on the same day, anyhow? Also why are two lines of different versions being developed at the same time (V5.1 and V5.2)?
  20. Type in the search box the word "masha", press Enter. Opens the tab bush sarach from Google - here instead of the word "masha" we write in the search line the word "Bear", click the enter. Then we select "images" - the tab with images is opened again with the word "masha". Is it a bug of Google search or browser?
  21. hey guys, quick question, i recently had a website built by websites perth and the website they built me, isn't displaying correctly on the Maxthon browser. It's really annoying me because i use Maxthon but it looks as if the fonts are displaying correctly. It looks as if the fonts are defaulting to a standard font and not the font I had designed. I know it's petty but i want it to look how it should across all browsers. My question is, is it on the browser side, the issue that is, or is it on the website side? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks again.
  22. When working with the browser, a message pops up from the antivirus program (Kaspersky Antivirus): "It is impossible to guarantee the authenticity of the domain with which the encrypted connection is established"; "Reason: This certificate or one of the certificates in the chain is not relevant." See the screenshot.
  23. This was started many MX5 builds ago. I'm too lazy to write about this but times passes and I'm angry about situation. At first: Windows 10. FullHD monitor and system DPI set as 125% <= this is very important Periodically Maxthon on launch changes windows size. For example: Maxthon started as small window. I resize to big window and work. Close Maxthon. Some time after I start Maxthon and now their window is too big to fit on display and I need to resize window down that will lead to first step - small windows on next launch. This is not always. About 50% of Maxthon's launch. And never happens on work computer where system DPI set as 100% so it's clearly dependant. It's hard to make a video because of not every launch leads to problem
  24. When you try open bookmarks on copied link through rmb press on "plus" when new blank tab is open, they always create new tab for it. You can see how it works on this video.