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  1. So, here we go again. Although I use Quick Access, I also use the maxthon startpage as a "quick access" with links to all my favorite websites. After upgrading to, I have lost all the links again. I kept a backup of the Local storage files imaxthon http_i.maxthon.com_0.localstorage and http_i.maxthon.com_0.localstorage-journal just in case of any issues. Now has changed them to http_pc-newtab.maxthon.com_0.localstorage and http_pc-newtab.maxthon.com_0.localstorage-journal. I sure would like to recover my imaxthon page links without rebuilding the entire page. Any ideas? Also, with the last two updates, gmail will not load in standard view. I am forced to html view or to go to Microsoft Edge to view Gmail in standard view. As I have mentioned many times before, I have used Maxthon since the mid 2000's and updates always were great updates. However since the late 4 versions, these updates have presented one problem after another. No browser should have these many issues and files that get disassociated in order to update the browser I want to keep the pages as I want them whether it be a guest account or a personal account and whether I use Maxthon as a startup page or if I use Quick Access, it should be a seamless update with options to leave everything just as it was on the last version instead of losing everything. It's a good thing I have a little PC knowledge otherwise, I would have quit using Maxthon a long time ago. The average pc user would never be able to manipulate files just to get something to work.
  2. Hello all. I've been using Maxthon 5 for probably around ten years now. And for the most part, I have been very satisfied with my use of the browser and routinely would recommend it to others. However, within the past year, I have become increasingly dissatisfied with it. And honestly, if things keep going in the direction that they are going, I may have to find a new web browser. Why? Because the new updates have been intrusive. There have been frequent pop-ups telling me to check out Maxthon's new feature. Whenever I have to insert my email into a webpage, I get the annoying UUMail recommendation, every single time. I do not want to use UUMail. I have never wanted to use UUMail. Yet, I cannot disable the browser from advertising a feature to me that I don't want to use. Yet even more recently, Maxthon Downloader now forces downloaded PDFs to open in Maxthon itself, when previous iterations would automatically open the PDFs in your computer's default PDF reader. This is frustrating because to begin, when one normally opens a PDF in Maxthon, it opens up as a link within the web browser with the option to download it to your harddrive. Hence, there is no need to open the PDF in Maxthon from the downloader, because I usually am already looking at the PDF in Maxthon when I download it. The reason I download PDFs is to open them in a superior PDF viewer, such as Foxit. Now, I can't do this anymore and have to go search for the file amidst my clutter of PDFs. The most recent update that forces this is extremely frustrating and is trying to force the user to use the browser more. There are other minor issues that I will not detail. However, these two issues are emblematic of Maxthon 5's new direction: Force the user to use the browser and its features when they don't want to. However, I'm not going to stick around forever if you keep doing this. If you're going to force me to use your browsers features that I do not want to use, I am going to stop using your browser. I don't want to stop using your browser. I've been using it for ten years. But the intrusive pop-ups and forcing me to open PDFs in the browser are ridiculous. Please stop this nonsense. (Additionally, for some reason, I cannot post this in another forum that may be more appropriate for my complaints. Hence, I am posting it in my introduction. Please heed my complaints, regardless. If I have to fight to tell you all these problems, I will be more prone to leave your browser behind)
  3. Welcome! I'm using a new version of the MX browser, and I have a problem: 1. At startup, the browser asks for elevated access rights each time. 2. At startup and every 10-20 minutes, the browser runs the package installation, which also requests elevation of access rights. What causes the use of the browser to the unwanted. I use a browser in a corporate environment. All users have only the level of user rights, not the administrator. In connection with this, I do not wish to see requests for elevated user rights.
  4. Please improve the autocomplete function, so that it would be possible to save different passwords for domain subdirectories. For example, now we have only 1 autofill record for: site2.domainname.сom I would like to have different autofill entries for these two sites.
  5. Hey guys I am having an issue. Awhile back my browser stopped notifying me of the newest beta releases. I have been beta testing for years for Maxthon on both windows and android. I like to help out in the forums but it is getting really hard to recreate problems and find fixes when I don't have the newest version. Can someone put me in touch with a developer or tech? I know I haven't been removed from the group of beta testers, I haven't done anything but help.... I could download the newest version from a third party site but that seems kinda shady and somewhat rude. I even tried sending this information through a bug report but it wouldn't let me send because it said my email address was invalid...
  6. Hey guys, I am getting an invalid certificate error for gmail (not that domain, but their servers). The little shield next to the url isn't a shield anymore, it's a lock and I think it changed colors (color blind). I pay for the domain so I went to and got chat support. They said "gSuite" (whatever you want to call it, they keep changing the name) doesn't require a certificate. I tried disabling my extensions and reconnecting to my extender but nothing seemed to help. This happened about 5 days ago also. I left it alone for awhile because I got to my email through IE. I went back to the site, using MX btw, and it didn't error. I may have rebooted at some point - I don't remember. But today it started doing it again. I'm not great with networking and such so I need some help fixing this. Any ideas? I will look up some stuff while I am waiting for an answer and do more troubleshooting. Is this version the latest for beta? If not, I need to update it and it hasn't told me to do so. thanks klear6
  7. hi, I am having several bugs with MX5 relating to Google products. I tried upgrading to the latest version to no avail. (1) Google passwords not getting saved MX5 has issues storing passwords for Google related sites (Gmail, Google Docs, etc) which all have a unified portal. Not sure if this bug affects other sites. - MX5 does not auto-notify to store name/password on initial manual entry, like it does for most other sites. - I have to manually save the name/password as a Fill Form. - Even as Fill Form, MX5 does not auto invoke either name or password. - I have to manually right-click and press Fill Form for the name part for it to show. This part works. - Trying to manually right-click and press Fill Form for the password does nothing: the box remains empty. - I'm forced to copy-paste the password every time. By this I mean the copy-pasted password will persist until I clear browsing data and empty cookies. - Emptying cookies will make the password disappear again, back to the previous issue, until I copy-paste it again. (2) Google Docs & Sheets stuck on Reconnecting... (again) It seems this old bug is back. After logging into Google Docs or Sheets, I am stuck indefinitely with a "Reconnecting..." message. Neither site is accessible at this point. (3) Youtube videos not showing any comments Load any Youtube vid, and you will notice that no comments are showing below it. Load the same vid into another browser and the comments are displayed.
  8. Why am I intermittently getting Invalid Certificate messages when accessing gmail via the official gmail button on the Speed Dial that came with MX5? I sure hope that's not gonna be the norm. That would get me seeing red here soon. Then MX5 will give me one of those same Invalid Certificate messages when trying to access while my Maxthon Cloud Portable and my Opera 36.0.2130.65 WILL bring up the Vivaldi site. Could it be that MX5 is purposely blocking the Vivaldi site because it is a competitor?
  9. Hi I just had a long and lengthy discussion with one of American Express's Indian tech reps that said that Maxthon (which is the least popular browser, you would do better to use Chrome) is considered by AMEX to be unsafe and there fore give the error message "cannot connect to the internet.... Error code 502 (Bad Gateway)" And sure enough when I use IE it connects with no problem and I can pay my CC. By the way he was very condescending in his 'superior' technical knowledge and kept on talking over me... a thoughly unpleasant tech call. I asked him why AMEX did not post a message to the effect of please 'please use another browser'. The 502 error message is totally misleading. Any help so that I don't have to use IE?
  10. Aquí un vídeo donde se muestra claramente algunos errores en maxthon 1. Problemas con el split screen en windows 2. MX 5 no es compatible con widevine | 3. MX 5 no trabaja de ninguna manera en Rabbit Nota: usa WebRTC
  11. I am using Astrill set to OpenVPN. No port forwarding, no proxy. When it is on, no matter what server it is using (of the bunch I have tried) I cannot get the extension center page to load. It gives me an error 101 after trying for about a minute and getting no response. I'm not sure what is going on here. I reset my router and my extender, and rebooted. I cleared my cache and cookies. I chatted with Astrill and they had me reset my settings in their program. None of those things made any difference. Help?
  12. On the newest version of Maxthon, I no longer can login to my Swagbucks account. I tried logging in using Chrome and on my mobile phone and it works. I tried changing UserAgent strings and even did a fresh re-install of Maxthon with no luck.
  13. I ask this because in mx4 never happened this ! Any suggestion? I use official version
  14. Does Maxthon support Adobe Connect Add-In? I was having some trouble opening online courses using Connect Add-in. Connect was opening but then continuously opened and closed. Thank you
  15. Im using MX5 with MS Surface tablett. Maxthon5 is the only program that have problems with the MS virtual keyboard. im also using the software "hot virtual keybord". both keyborads loosing letters in MX5. i have no problems using both keyboards th ALL other programs like MS-Words, Edge, Outlook... same text after first tyeping:
  16. Hey. I've noticed that when scrolling down on Facebook (and maybe other sites), as the page loads more and more content the browser becomes sluggish and slow. Now I assume this happens with all browsers as more and more content is loaded - but Maxthon seems to become slow rather quickly - 2 or 3 scrolls down the page and loading of older Facebook posts makes it very sluggish. In fact, I have to shut down the specific process/tab because it keeps being sluggish even if I change to a different web page. Once a tab gets encumbered - the only way I found is to close that tab, otherwise the browser becomes slow. Anyone else experiences this? Is is equivalent to other browsers? I am using the latest version, but it happened in older versions as well. I am only using ABP extension in Facebook (I haven't added more than 3 or 4 specific block rules for Facebook)
  17. I'm unable to access several pages of my electricity provider account, although it works fine with edge does not work in retromode either
  18. Running Win10 and latest stable versions of MX5. Lately I had to fish my last opened tabs out of history several times (and I like to keep a 20-30 of them opened at any given time) First few times it was because of a power interruption or computer hanging up, the last time MX5 crashed (apparently) when I wasn't looking and gave me some error mentioning mx_core.dll error when I attempted to launch it again. Dowloaded the latest version from the site, ran it - voila, no last session again. Can you guys PLEASE save those tabs better? Maybe keep a few copies so at least one is not corrupted should the browser stop unexpectedly (crash, power outage, etc.)? Because sifting through history to find those tabs is seriously irritating And somehow they're not even next to each other in the history list despite having been opened in succession
  19. So it seems Spotify have decided to update their web player to something that isn't as good as their old one, and just to top it off has issues running in Maxthon. Before the update it was flawless. If you open you get the error Oooops, something went wrong with the playback. Reload at the top of the page. Reloading does nothing. Clicking the play button doesn't play anything, although you can still go through your music etc. Tested in Opera and it works fine. Now this is where it gets weird. With Opera still open, Spotify "seems" to run fine in Maxthon. I can play/pause change tracks no problem. Close Opera, then Maxthon doesn't work. What's weirder is that the music isn't actually being played from Maxthon (no sound icon on the tab) it's actually Opera playing the music, but being controlled via Maxthon (or through whatever web sync feature they have) UA changes don't help. Using Retro mode works (and using the old player!!). Just thought I'd throw this out there seeing as it's a somewhat weird issue.
  20. I upgraded to a new computer last week, Ryzen Threadripper with Windows 10, and Maxthon fails to install on this configuration. The previous version installer ( would count to 16 and then stop, the new version ( goes only to 5. Task manager shoes some activity for the install process (under 1% CPU usage, but some constant memory used changes), yet it never moves past 5. I have tried running the installer with various compatibility settings and with admin privileges, but nothing changes. The portable versions work fine, so this seems to be a purely installer issue. Anyone have any ideas?
  21. this is IMO a big issue : when maxthon server is off, QA does not load : there should be a local version ! I thought this issue was fixed
  22. Hi, since few builds I'm experiencing weird malfunction in Maxthon. Sometimes when I open it it doesn't load plugins (plus things in status bar - its empty and only restart can help). This is really annoying because sometimes I don't check it and then with many tabs open I need to restart maxthon. Someone else experienced this too?
  23. I really enjoy using the bookmarking feature on Maxthon, and I have over a thousand bookmarks and dozens of bookmark folders. The one thing that could improve my bookmarking experience on Maxthon would be if I could the put the same URL in more than one different subject matter folder, since many articles I bookmark logically belong in multiple subject matter folders of mine. I can't do that at present even if I change the title of the bookmark. If I try to put a URL in a second folder it is removed from the first folder.
  24. anyone has the same problem as me? could the dev team pls fix it? many thx
  25. In editing page: (which means some problem(s) does NOT really solved)