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      As I said, when i click it, only Maxthon Support, International and Offtopic are active. The rest are greyed out. See te picture


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      Could you please enable your private message feature?

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  1. Hi,

    Please write a post in Newcomer then I will send a message to you in PM.

  2. Maxthon connections list

    After I waited for two hours for someone to connect to my Teamviewer, I just blocked Maxthon. Sorry to leave it after using it since MyIE2 times, but it just turned out to be the next spyware browser, probably using all users PCs as relay nodes for someone's interest. If you don't believe, just check below which servers a clean instalaction of Maxthon is contacting upon opening the New tab homepage: smarturl-up.maxthon.com pc-newtab.maxthon.com www.xxxivilization.com pc-newtab.maxthonimg.com go.maxthon.cn updatedcs.maxthon.com fastdail-imglib.maxthon.com www.baidu.com api.bing.com www.warriorforum.com All of them are unfamiliar to me and I've never willfuly even tried to open any of these. No wonder that after blocking these it started loading twice as fast even after system reboot.
  3. Hi Team, As I was looking at my firewall I noteiced my Maxthon is keeping an active connection to https://www.abuseipdb.com/whois/ this IP. Could you list all Maxthon reserved connections we can expect from a clean Maxthon instalation. Thanks!