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  1. v Maxthon favourites

    MMMM, no idea what gone on but did another import from HTML file after deleting all favs and this time they came back A to Z but was a slightly older HTML file than I had expected so lost a few sites but at least they are in more or less the same format as was so have done another export and created another back up
  2. v Maxthon favourites

    Hi, yes have tried this but synchronize took ages and did nothing but also I had done regular exports of favorites but have not been able to recover them,somehow I did another import and all of those from IE which have not used for good few years now came back and this also brought back some since which thankfully are all A to Z but the layout has totally changed, the most recent back up brings back nothing Is there anyway to alter how the favorites look when click the star top left as looks very odd now and not how was Marcus
  3. Hi hope someone can help. For some reason Maxthon lost all my hundreds of favorites but have managed to get most of them back somehow but they are all backward z to a. Have used the organiser and have altered the lists there to A to Z but still they appear backwards and no where like they should look. Help please. Marcus
  4. Hi, I have just moved to a new Win 10 laptop and got all favs back from online but has not put the favs bar at the top of bowser like had on my prev win 7 laptop, can someone remind me how I got them there, I am using verion 4 as tried new 5 but didnt seem to like my local newspaper web site