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  1. Resolved bugs

    Great! The bugs i've reported were solved! ("youtube fullscreen" and the page
  2. Maybe is something regarded to a cookie from this site. Try to delete the cookie and try again.
  3. Strange but first time I try worked for me, but when I reopen Maxthon and tried again won't work anymore, and give me the same message.
  4. Works for me on Mx (win 10)
  5. "winpc issue" maxthon 5 extremely high cpu usage

    Intel I3 /GeForce GT 610/ Windows 10
  6. "winpc issue" maxthon 5 extremely high cpu usage

    For the first link to me CPU is about 10 %, wich I think is normal due to animation. For the second link indeed, CPU is about 4 times higher like in Firefox for example
  7. Error on open page

    Maxthon 5 won't load this page wich can be open on any other browser
  8. restore session

    You'r welcome!
  9. restore session

    Yes, that's correct. In this way you save CPU usage especially on startup but also when browsing because a complete loaded page consume some CPU when is in idle status. But you save also a lot of RAM memory. In these days for a restored session is usually to have tens or over a hundred tabs, but you don't need for all these tabs immediately. And it is possible to not need for all untill the end of session. And when you close the session, the browser should keep in mind all tabs(URL's) even they were not activated, for the next session.
  10. Skin and background

    the skins from here are not available for MX5 ?
  11. restore session

    Not in this mode. In Firefox or others, all tabs are figured in window on restored session but only the last active tab is properly loaded. The rest of the (backround) tabs have only the URL preloaded , not the content. It's like you said here, when push "open all " button, the entire window with all tabs are open but only the last active tab is full loaded, for the tabs from backround is only the URL figured but their content are not loaded, only just if you click on them.
  12. restore session

    Hi! It's not about this. I want to not loading all tabs (from background) just only last active tab when restoring session. That's mean less RAM/CPU usage and quick start for Maxthon. You do not need almost never for all restored tab instantly, but you need for restore last session. Only when you need to see other tab from restored session just click on it and only then is properly loaded. This option is implemented in a lot of other browsers and is a main option. I like Maxthon but it could be improved with such as basic options.
  13. restore session

    There is any possibility to load only the last active tab on session restore?
  14. No. I think this setting when is enabled, like in other browsers, should FORCE the browser -(when right click=> open link in new tab) to open the link in a new tab and focusing on it.