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  1. I can confirm the video work just in retro mode but full screen works for me.(Windows 10)
  2. I tested at 100 %, is the same result. Yes indeed 150 % is for page zooming not for UI ..but I wanted to say that I need for an extra zoom from the browser besides windows zoom , for making things well readable.
  3. Of course, at 100 % zoom the fonts and everything are even smaller. Anyway, I can't run at 100 % zoom .some things become unreadable on a 1920x1200 monitor. You should notice that beside this, the zoom pages for Maxthon is setted at 150 %
  4. Maybe the pictures are not relevant:
  5. Then I don't know what can be. I'm on Win 10 and the display zoom is setted to 125%. My monitor resolution is 1920x1200
  6. No, is not! Look here: Firefox/Opera and again Maxthon. Think about screens resolutions from these days-1920x1080 and up.
  7. Resolved bugs

    Great! The bugs i've reported were solved! ("youtube fullscreen" and the page
  8. Maybe is something regarded to a cookie from this site. Try to delete the cookie and try again.
  9. Strange but first time I try worked for me, but when I reopen Maxthon and tried again won't work anymore, and give me the same message.
  10. Works for me on Mx (win 10)
  11. Intel I3 /GeForce GT 610/ Windows 10
  12. For the first link to me CPU is about 10 %, wich I think is normal due to animation. For the second link indeed, CPU is about 4 times higher like in Firefox for example
  13. Skin and background

    the skins from here are not available for MX5 ?