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  1. After updating to today, every time I click on a link it opens a whole new tab. It happens even though the settings only tell it to open a new tab from my favorites. What do I do?
  2. BS Detector

    Can someone please help make a port of "BS Detector" for MX5 - use at your own discretion? Or is there already one that I am just missing?
  3. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Hi. Thanks so much. LOVE having the tabs at the bottom. Question: Where do I dump the background image files? I can't figure it out and I feel dumb.
  4. Sidebar Favorites

  5. Sidebar Favorites

    Guess I forgot to do that since I upgraded. One more problem solved. Thanks again.
  6. Sidebar Favorites

    Duh....thanks. I got hung up because I didn't press "Show More Apps." I'm used to using 7 not 10. Thank you! =D Also - excellent extension thanks so much!
  7. Sidebar Favorites

    I tried that, it tried to take me to the windows store because it didn't know what to open it with.
  8. Sidebar Favorites

    Sorry guys, I feel clueless - I downloaded the extension and now I don't know which folder to dump it in. Or is there a link in the extension center for it? Really sorry, I'm usually more informed about this stuff but since I upgraded to 5 I want to make sure I am doing things properly or my testing feedback will be pretty useless.