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    I don't know where to post this, because help with it wouldn't be covered by any of the other boards I looked at. i am and have been a beta tester since early-ish mx4 onward. ive had to figure out some desperate measures to make my middle son's computer be able to load pages ... his resources suck. (Read my other post about supporting maxthon for more context). I've been hunting down lightweight browsers and doing some benchmarks and other network tests, and the best I have come across so far is maxthon nitro. don't just walk away from the question because i said nitro. yes, i know that it is not under development, yes i know it is not advertised, and yes i know it is probably something you don't want to deal with right now - but HEAR ME OUT. All I am asking for is that there be a mod that can link it to my cloud bookmarks, OR, i can make my accounts bookmarks available by using the website version of maxnote. but i need it to be fully functional. i need to be able to import bookmark files from other browsers as well as export the bookmarks (without the notes I am assuming) along with adding new bookmarks and the ability to delete old ones. Pretty muchh thats all i need. i'm not asking for all of maxnote, i dont need a password keeper or an email address generator. can someone please help me out? its fast and simple browser that so far seems stable and fast and i am suprised its been swept aside so quietly. so, any help you could give, or even a rediculous workaround would be greatly appreciated. please?
  2. Hey Tony, I have been a beta tester for you guys for forever now but I for some reason can't get the latest beta version.  Do you have a download link? It might be because I had installed an older version to test a couple of things on a new windows setup and when I updated it didn't link me to the beta.

    1. Tony


      they stopped posting betas a while ago in the tester area - they seem to ignore that now - any new releases or betas are posted on the main board either in the 'maxthon news' area or via the release notes dropdown



  3. BS Detector

    Can someone please help make a port of "BS Detector" for MX5 - use at your own discretion? Or is there already one that I am just missing?
  4. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Hi. Thanks so much. LOVE having the tabs at the bottom. Question: Where do I dump the background image files? I can't figure it out and I feel dumb.
  5. Sidebar Favorites

  6. Sidebar Favorites

    Guess I forgot to do that since I upgraded. One more problem solved. Thanks again.
  7. Sidebar Favorites

    Duh....thanks. I got hung up because I didn't press "Show More Apps." I'm used to using 7 not 10. Thank you! =D Also - excellent extension thanks so much!
  8. Sidebar Favorites

    I tried that, it tried to take me to the windows store because it didn't know what to open it with.
  9. Sidebar Favorites

    Sorry guys, I feel clueless - I downloaded the extension and now I don't know which folder to dump it in. Or is there a link in the extension center for it? Really sorry, I'm usually more informed about this stuff but since I upgraded to 5 I want to make sure I am doing things properly or my testing feedback will be pretty useless.