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  1. Pop-up Blocker not working

    That made it selectable. Tried adding ##div.row.hidden-xs.hidden-sm in ABP filter. Popups are still there and it is blocking the screenshots on that page.
  2. Pop-up Blocker not working

    Looks like I can post now. Don't know what happened. Anyways.. any idea about why I can't select "Block pop-ups for this website"?
  3. Pop-up Blocker not working

    It shows similar entries in log but I am still getting pop-up windows EDIT: I just saw your another screenshot for selecting "Block pop-ups for this website" which you added by editing your post. I am trying to click on that option but nothing happens. That option remains unselected no matter how many times I click on it. Another bug? Also something weird is happening with this forum. I suddenly cannot post new replies or quote on this thread. I can just edit my previous replies. Somebody removed my posting access?
  4. Pop-up Blocker not working

    Still no luck Meanwhile I have also reported this to ABP's Easylist forum. Hope they will fix this in proper way.
  5. Pop-up Blocker not working

    Ahh.. my bad. I have never added custom filter in ABP and don't know much about its syntax. I did below which didn't work, still not sure if this is correct.
  6. Pop-up Blocker not working

    Didn't work. Pop-ups are still opening Did I do it right? Screenshot has this filter: https://$script,domain=yts.am Although I tried with this too, didn't work: |https://$script,domain=yts.am
  7. I have set Settings>Privacy & Content>Pop-up Blocker as "Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)" and "Manage Exceptions" list is empty. Yet below site opens a Pop-up window on clicking anywhere after every few seconds https://yts.am/browse-movies I have tested this browser with above settings at http://www.popuptest.com/ and it was successful in blocking almost all of the pop-ups (except Sticky popup and Drop down Popup). Do you confirm it is a bug?
  8. Cannot rate on IMDB - Maxthon

    +1 I am too facing the exact same problem. Was able to rate on IMDB while using an older version in ultra mode(don't remember the version). Is it going to be fixed?