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  1. maxthon conflict with another app

    i dont remember january version, when i understood maxthon causes that crash deleted maxthon. yesterdays installed last version. same crash and deleted again. i play the game on steam, i dont have that issue with other games. weird thing is, since i didnt set maxthon default for any protocol or file why it pops up but not my default browser. and, if i dont have maxthon installed there is no any pop-up when close game, everything works well. maybe they use a common dll. i dont know just closing the game interacts with maxthon and pc stop responding.
  2. Im playing game "Hyper Universe". everytime i close game, screen frozes on closing screen. i close game through task manager and immedietly maxthon browser pops up. uninstalled maxthon and that didnt happen anymore. edit: that issue i was reported in January but i cant find in my history, maybe deleted. now i have another pc and wanted to install maxthon again, but same issue still exists. windows10 x64 maxthon is not default broser