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  1. My English skills are weak but I will do everything I can. " klubcom " - my nickname for Crowdin
  2. This is good news. This is great news Only 6 percent for - "we did it!"))
  3. Please add Ukrainian language! Add Ukrainian language, please!
  4. MX5 New Official release

    Thanks for your answers and your work.
  5. MX5 New Official release

  6. MX5 New Official release

    Thanks for the answer. I contacted translator - translation is 100%. Delay in approval. Please expedite approval. After starting from the date of announcement of the MX5 has passed a lot of time and two official releases. People wait ... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  7. MX5 New Official release

    Thanks for release. When added Ukrainian language?
  8. MX5 New Beta release

    Waiting for official release this year. Ukrainian official release!)
  9. Issues resolved through Customize UserAgent string.
  10. Why MX5 is outdated? Your web browser is outdated
  11. Fix audio icon

    So everything is OK. If nothing is correcting, then it is better to remove the item ""Show Close Tab button on background tabs". And make it the default.
  12. Fix audio icon

    Icon fleeing
  13. Fix audio icon

    Maybe we did not understand each other. I use official version . Icon audio stream in an inactive tab(!) displacement when trying to mute . In its place a button "close tab" Sorry for my english.