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  1. History problem

    Well, not knowing right now, (always if it exists), another way to solve the problem without losing data, I think I will try this solution. Thanks again !!!
  2. History problem

    Hello everyone, since a few days I have a problem with the history in Mx version The daily history is no longer stored when I close the pages. Has a maximum accumulated history space perhaps Mx? I have ten months of accumulated chronology, could this be the problem? The fact is that I do not want to lose it because it is convenient to find the past pages, so I did not want to try to empty it and try again if that was the problem. I tried to restart Mx first, then to clear caches and cookies but nothing changed. Mx is used in offline mode without connecting to the account ..... I do not want to export my history online. Can someone help me solve anyway? Thank you !!!