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  1. Our History and Last Sessions will still be lost. Please relay to Devs to consider a backup of user files in future updates. Otherwise, test the prealpha versions yourselves before releasing the product.
  2. 1. I'm not sure what was my last version. I would tell you, but I have no History! mx5.1.2.1000 this is on my HDD, I think it's safe to assume that was my installed version. Anyway, I got the update prompt from Maxthon to update to the BAD version. Not sure if that faeture came with mx5.1.2.1000. 2. yes, Maxthon3 folder is there. That is how i figured about the bug. I wen to the Maxthon Facebook where it proudly announced that you can import MX4 history and last session. ofc my MX4 session is empty. I must say that this is a complete breach of policy/procedure before rolling out the new update. And this is not even a Beta, it's Official version.
  3. This is how the History looks like. Obviously there is a big gap of few months. This is all now when they announced that History and Last Session could be imported from MX4. Who cares!!! Don't touch my data. Or at least make a backup of User folder to protect personal data and usage. I'm not the one who should think about it every time there is an update of YOUR browser. Meanwhile, the new version can still be downloaded. Does anyone reads the forum here at all? EDIT: So apparently, the MX4 data, which I stopped using but I did not uninstall it, got imported and overwritten, without even asking me. This messed up the MX5 History and Last Session.
  4. There is no problem with Favorites, Sync or whatnot... History for September only and Last Session Tabs.
  5. History for the month of September is lost. And the last Session tabs. Right after update. Which you can't avoid. AMAZING.