Sort by URL in Bookmark Manager

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Sorry, somehow I missed that... You have got to love the human brain.... sometimes it thinks it knows more than it does by occasionally missing some words!

Back to your issue.. what you can do is:

Export your favourites using Main Menu > Tools > Import/Export user data > Export Favourites > Export your Favourites to the selected folder

Open the folder you saved it to. Then right-click the column headers > more... choose URL from the list. The URL will then be displayed and you can then sort using that column.

If you have a number of folders, to show all the favourites in your list, type *.* in the search field at the top. Then sort by the URL column.


Then just import the data again. At that point you will get the option of deleting the current favourites and importing the new updated list, or creating a new folder with the updated favourites. You can then adjust/delete the folders as required.

Also keep a backup, just to make sure in case something goes wrong.

If using a passport account, once done manually do a sync to ensure the data gets saved to the cloud.

Good luck :)

EDIT: cleaned up the last few sentences to make more sense after testing.

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