Moderator Recruitment

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Maxthon Community, where users and fans of Maxthon all around the world gather to discuss and share.  Despite the rather big user volume, our community has been running amazingly well, thanks to our previous and current moderators. Cheers for them!

But as you know, we just officially launched our brand new product MX5, and we’ve been seeing quite an inflow of new members, bringing much more pressure to our current moderators. More than that, in our existing moderator management, accountability is not very well defined, which wouldn't fit this community.

So, it is time for us to grow. 

To do that, we are opening up the moderator positions today. And we are making some changes within moderator team to better manage and serve all our users.

So we welcome you to apply to join our current adorable moderators, whom we’ll introduce to you below. But to become a moderator, there will be rules and guidelines. Be sure to check them out down below too.

Another thing to mention is that, as a moderator, you will interact with our Maxthon Staff quite a lot. So we are also bringing them upfront for you to get familiar with.

And that’s all. Go check how to become our moderator and we look forward to seeing you soon.


As a moderator, you serve a critical role in the success of our community by leading and guiding discussions throughout the forum. A moderator should:

  1. Be active on the forum for over half a year;
  2. Have at least 2 hours a day available for the forum moderation;
  3. Work closely with Maxthon's internal team to improve the forum and solve users' problems; 
  4. Share relevant and useful information in community posts. Lead and organize the forum by merging, moving, directing threads;
  5. Defend Maxthon's brand and image, moderate as a Maxthon staff. 

As a Moderator, you help users and visitors, and at the same time, you also reap many personal benefits that last a lifetime. 

  1. Priority access to new product and participate in the product development;
  2. Being a part of the creation and growth of a community can be a very rewarding experience;
  3. Learn and practice leadership skills during the moderation;
  4. Meet friends who share the same interests about Maxthon, browser or Internet.

If you wish to apply, please complete the application form in English and email to :wink:

Maxthon_Moderator Apply Form.pdf