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  1. It did lose the links when I ungrouped it. I re-added the ones I could remember.I guess I will figure out what is missing as I need them.

    Now there are only 4 boxes on the one I ungrouped. The one that is still grouped on page one has 6 boxes in 2 sizes. The other pages (2-4) are like the previous version of the browser I think. I looked at the instructions for the mosiac, but can't see how to recreate the one I lost on the first page.

    I do like the feature to be able to add more pages.

    I would like to be able to add more boxes to each page, if that is possible.

    Sorry to be griping, I do appreciate your work.

  2. I couldn't resize the individual shortcut boxes, so I ungrouped them, to see if that would help. Doing that lost all of the shortcut links in those boxes. How to restore them?

    Or go back to the previous version.

    I am not loving it so far.

    It appears they are copying Windows 8's style. Why, I don't know.