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  1. I was afraid of messing something up, so I followed your instructions up to sorting by the url. Then I dragged the ones I didn't want to a temp folder, and then used that list to delete the ones I didn't want in the favorites manager. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. It's not the title I want to sort by. It's the url. Thanks for replying!
  3. It would be very useful to my if I could sort by URL in the bookmark manager. I have some folders with way too many things in them and this would be helpful to clear out the ones for the same website, but different page.
  4. Thanks for replying. I wish I knew how to do that.
  5. I have some space on my sidebar and my quick extension area is full. I would like to put some of them on the sidebar. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
  6. It did lose the links when I ungrouped it. I re-added the ones I could remember.I guess I will figure out what is missing as I need them. Now there are only 4 boxes on the one I ungrouped. The one that is still grouped on page one has 6 boxes in 2 sizes. The other pages (2-4) are like the previous version of the browser I think. I looked at the instructions for the mosiac, but can't see how to recreate the one I lost on the first page. I do like the feature to be able to add more pages. I would like to be able to add more boxes to each page, if that is possible. Sorry to be griping, I do appreciate your work.
  7. I couldn't resize the individual shortcut boxes, so I ungrouped them, to see if that would help. Doing that lost all of the shortcut links in those boxes. How to restore them? Or go back to the previous version. I am not loving it so far. It appears they are copying Windows 8's style. Why, I don't know.
  8. Thank you SWFlash0!! It works great!! I will be using this a lot.
  9. I would get a lot of use from the option to right-click and send a webpage link to a new email in gmail. 1) choose "send link with gmail" in the right click menu. 2) gmail would pop up on my screen with a blank email, and the chosen link would be in the body of the blank email. Is this possible? I use windows7. Thanks!