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  1. ElDoRado1239 replied at 2014-11-19 03:08 back.gifbut what exactly is so great about Chrome extensions...? I certainly don't miss them at all.There's nothing great about them, it's just that there are lots of them. And that's only because it's the most used browser in the world so naturally more people create them for it.

    While Chrome might have several extensions in each category, Maxthon doesn't have one in some - most notably, no AdBlock which users have been asking for a long time, and VPN extensions, like Hola.

    If Maxthon had at least one working extension in each major category then there wouldn't really be a reason to complain. Things are happening with AdBlock, and if only Hola would jump on board there wouldn't be too many major missing extensions.

  2. Yeah, that's the problem with syncing. I'm not sure how exactly it figures out which one is the most recent - i'm guessing date. Because the old one probably wasn't touched for a while, MX thinks the cloud one is newer so updates it to that.

    You can try disabling sync, restoring the file with all your sites, then add one new item to QA, enabling sync. That way the local version is more up to date than the cloud version. When you go to sync it should update the cloud with the updated local version. But i'm not 100% sure on that. At worst at least you've got all your sites so you can restore them all one by one if it can't be figured out.

    I also updated the path to the file in the post above. I had it with the guest folder, it should be the maxthon email account name. But it seems you figured that out. Otherwise you'll only be changing the guest account, not your passport account.

  3. Actually both of you are right and wrong at the same time.

    All you need to do is rename or delete the NPSWF32_XX_X_X_XXX.dll file. If it's not found in that folder the system installed version will be used.

    Changing the name to NPSWF32.dll probably won't work as I think that is a valid filename, so it will probably still be found and used. Moving the latest version from the windows folder should work as stated, even if it's not registered in the system properly due to the filename differences. At worst it won't be found and you're back to the first point.

    As shown in the image below, the Adobe Flash test page shows that is installed and working, but the file in the Maxthon folder is an older version which has been renamed with a .org extension.


    I've been using this means since it was first found out, and it has not ever caused an issue (that I recall) with Flash not working or the wrong version being found.

  4. As fOrTune® said, there are backups on your system. You should be able to just copy the most recent favxxxx.dat to the folder above and replace the favorite.dat that is there. Take note of the file sizes as well. An empty fav list is very small.

    I'm not sure how this affect a passport account though, as it might re-sync from the cloud? Whatever you decide to do, make copies of everything before you start playing around with it.

    Using two versions at the same time may cause issues if the MX sync servers can't figure out what version is what. I'm not sure how that would work, it could be part of your issues, or it could be something else entirely.

  5. I don't get email notifications of my Maxthon forum threads. Can you tell me how to fix that?Not a feature of the forum unfortunately.

    I assume that means the Maxthon Download/Pop-up box that appears above the video? Yes.Yes. That's part of it.

    it only recorded 20 seconds and no visual.It's due to the way Youtube streams videos. As stated above, MX downloader isn't able to find the complete file, it only downloads what it being streamed, which is small pieces. I think there is a way around it but you need to enable Youtube Centre, so you may as well the download link option that it offers.

    To remove previous downloads in the listing, just click the clear completed button in the downloader window. If they're marked red because of an error you need to click the X in the top right which will pop up dialog asking if you want to delete the file as well.


  6. ElDoRado1239 replied at 2014-11-18 07:41 back.gif

    Ok, it should be fixed. Too bad the Extension Center didn't just say something like "syntax errors" ...

    Works well.

    Too bad the Extension Center didn't just say something like "syntax errors" or whatnot.I've been at them about this. It seems extensions are actually looked at by someone, so I can't see why they elaborate a little more. Makes it easier for everyone involved.

  7. There are clicks in the sound at its worse, and the picture will "stutter" and occasionally jump forward, as though trying to remain in sync with the audio. Additionally, when clicking pause, the audio will stop but the picture will continue for several seconds, as though it is "catching up" to where the audio terminated.Clear case of not enough CPU grunt for the application. The question is why. I'm still thinking it's a flash issue.

    When you check task manager is it only the Maxthon process that is at 100%?

    The CPU tends to vary according to movement in video: high movement = max CPU; and conversely it will decrease when there is little movement (720px).That makes sense due to the way videos are decoded. If there is little on screen there isn't much for the decoder to do.

    I really don't know what more to offer. Apart from running in safe mode in case something is causing the issue, all i'd be doing is requesting more info on what is happening with CPU/GPU usage. You can download Process Explorer and have a look at the GPU/mem usage in case there is something going on there. It's much more in-depth than the basic programs in Windows. Click on the graphs in the top right to open up a larger window to see GPU usage etc.

  8. So played around a little more. Seems all the suggestions are part of the update.db file in the \public\SmartUrl folder. If you create a new empty text file named update.db and mark it read-only then things will go back to normal.

    The only caveat is that it seems when typing in the address bar the matched URLs are a little slower than normal. Not 100% on that, but that's what it feels like. And of course i'm unaware of anything else it might break.

    I wonder how long till this is broken as well? Once again dev's, give users the option to disable it. None of the other major browsers that also offer this force it on users - they all allow it to be turned off.

    NOTE: You must keep the HOSTS file workaround enabled, as this does not override that fix.


    On a somewhat related note, there seems to be some porn links in the suggestions - type in "you" and you'll get at least two. Now, it doesn't bother me, but if you have kids using Maxthon and they stumble across them - well it doesn't bode well for a family friendly browser does it?

  9. EDIT: See the next post for latest update.

    I've found there is an easy way which is to simply remove/rename the MxSmartUrl.dll file from the install folder, but that also removes favourites & recently used URL suggestions as well. Unsure of what else it might break as well. You also can't replace it with a previous version as MX just crashes.

    Now again with version our privacy is being sent to who knows where and used who knows how and sold to who knows whom whenever we type a word in to the address bar.As stated in my previous post it's now local, you can disable your network connection and you will still see them as it seems that the suggestion list data is kept in a maxthon file. So the data isn't leaving your PC. Doing some snooping of the data MX sends I couldn't find any other random urls that it's using (unless it's encrypted?).

    So from a privacy standpoint I don't believe there is an issue. It's just annoying seeing pointless suggestions which could be used for my history or fav's etc.

  10. Despite not liking installing programs that I won't use I decided to test IDM for myself to see if this is a repeatable issue. So here's what i've found out using Maxthon & IDM 6.21 Build 15.

    QuickAccess - no issues with QA not working/crashing, taking too long to start or loading pages etc. I only added a few sites to test with (might test more later on). Closed and restarted MX multiple times - all good.

    Misc download on startup - This seems to have been fixed in .2000. In all the tests i've done it never showed, only when going back to an older version did it happen.

    MX Downloader - using the ALT key to disable the IDM download detection allowed the MX downloader to correctly catch and download the link. No crashes or any other issues.

    This was using my standard MX portable install (with no passport account), and the default settings for IDM.

    While it's not 100% confirmation that there is no problem, I can't replicate it here. Based off that i'd say that there is something on your system or IDM settings that is causing the issues. If it was an inherent issue with MX or IDM it should show itself consistently across multiple systems.

    Also when testing make sure there aren't any other programs like virus/malware scanners running. They are forever causing issues on systems. Even better, test in Windows safe mode to ensure there is no random program running at startup.

    Please start maxthon as Administrator and try again or test, it solves the problem from the Downloads dialog and Maxthon's downloader in my computer.That's an interesting find. Your account is currently a standard or limited user?

  11. I've noticed lately I cannot right-click in YT's video screen and call up the Flash settings dialog box, nor YTs settings either (Copy URL etc). In HTML5 I see YTs dialog box.

    Unfortunately that's a known long standing issue.

    I notice that YT streams lots of small video files now (around 280kb each, according to MX's Resource Sniffer), rather than a large single one as it used to, and I wonder if this is linked to the problem; ie, constantly downloading, processing and stitching together lots of small videos whilst keeping audio and video in sync.

    Interesting pickup. You can disable this with Youtube Centre by unchecking the DASH Playback option in the External Players section. Will be interesting to see what happens.

  12. It seems it's related to the way Youtube requests the the Flash player be drawn to the page. Using YTC if you change the Wmode option to Transparent or Opaque then it works properly. The other options including the default Direct allow for better performance or GPU acceleration, which for some reason causes the issue.

    So either due to the way that Maxthon is detected it's being forced to use one of the other options, or Maxthon is forcing one of the other modes. Or it could be something else altogether. But a quick fix for now is install YT Centre and change the Wmode option to Transparent or Opaque.

  13. Do you use a passport account? If yes, don't sign in and test to see if it's some of your settings/data that is causing the issue.

    Others have mentioned some issues with IDM. Test with disabling IDM and see if the problems occur.

    As much as you might see it as a Maxthon issue, if other programs are interacting with MX, there is always the possibility they are part of the problem. I, and many others haven't had issues like that which leads me to believe that the issues are unique to your install/setup.

  14. Test with a clean install, or with the portable version. Don't sign in to your passport account or import anything. Just install/extract, run, and test with IDM.

    If it works with other peoples installs, chances are it's something on your system that's causing the issue.

    Just out of curiosity have you notified IDM about these issues, seeing as it seems they are somewhat related to IDM as much as Maxthon?

  15. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2014-11-14 22:55 back.gif

    For me it only happens when screen is not maximized, but of course it's 27". I'll have to try it ...

    Yeah, that's right. If the screen is big enough that the menu doesn't cover the video it isn't a problem. But for users with smaller screens or running MX in a smaller window it shows up.

    I had to window my MX to see the problem, otherwise it wouldn't have bothered me. In fact it was probably the first time I ever clicked that menu button as well!

    Regardless it's still a bug.

  16. Yes, ahem, it now appears that playing in IE exhibits the same issue. Damn. I had already tested this some months ago without issue but, damn. What to do now?So if it's now happening with other programs you'd need to start looking outside of MX. It could be a recent Flash player update has caused the issue.

    Test with using HTML5 instead of Flash player. Use the Youtube Centre extension to quickly enable and test with it.

    Also check for malware/viruses, disk scan in case of HDD errors. Is the CPU running at full speed and not throttled down for some reason?

  17. I use the portable version on my laptop, same result..OK, but the idea is to test with a clean install with no user specific data.

    Extract the portable version and just run it. Don't sign in, don't copy/adjust any settings, don't have any extensions running etc.

    I'm using the latest version but I have a custom user agent (needed otherwise I won't see the Youtube videos That's odd as I haven't had to use a custom UA for a few versions now. When was the last time you checked that it still didn't work without it?

  18. Jawad Khan replied at 2014-11-14 03:34 back.gif

    plz tell me why is this happening to me

    i was using this for 6 months and last week it gone corrupt ...

    If copies fail it's either because the file is in use, the file is corrupted due to a disk error/fault/ malicious program or interrupted disk write (eg power failure).

    Reinstall should fix the issues. I'd also be running a disk check to ensure that isn't the cause.

  19. Yep, AdHunter is very powerful and can do much more than just block ads. The biggest issue is that if you don't know how CSS works it can be very daunting to get your head around it.

    Some well put together tutorials would be nice. There are some in the forums if you search for them. But it would be nice if there was a nicely curated resource stating this info.