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  1. Actually they've been trying to phase out Flash for years. Now with HTML5 becoming the default for Youtube I have no doubt other sites will start heading in the same direction. That said there are still many sites that use flash and it probably won't die at least for a while. Hopefully not before Maxthon make a popup video option for HTML5.

    As far as your issues, I've never had Maxthon display an error about flash not being available, unless it was before I installed it on a new system. It definitely doesn't come and go as it pleases. But then again I don't play zynga flash games.

    I'm not really sure what else you expect to hear. The details linked above describe the most common means of getting the latest Flash to work correctly with Maxthon. If it doesn't there's the possibility it's a conflict somewhere, like another extension or program etc. or it could just be that Maxthon/Flash/Facebook/Zynga just don't get on well.

  2. UFO106 replied at 2015-2-13 18:51 back.gif

    where is the crash folder ? what is its path?

    Why doesn't maxthon allow to send it ? or even auto- ...


    It may depend on how the crash occurred and if MX can catch it to start the program that deals with that.

    I think most people wouldn't be too happy if Maxthon was sending data without their knowledge. As it stands now, you either get notified about it or you do it yourself.

  3. Dinataspace replied at 2015-2-11 08:49 back.gif

    Unfortunately, ABP on Maxthon at this time doesn't look like ABP on Chrome and Firefox. So, what you ...

    Indeed, they are still working on it. Although i'm surprised a little. I thought most of the backend stuff was done, now it was more just cleaning up the UI and adding features to make it comparable to the other versions.

    The blocking issues listed here just seem odd considering that they only sort of work.

  4. FTR I don't have Open Sans on my system and it works fine.

    But the whole point of "Open Sans, Arial, sans serif" in the CSS is so it has fallback fonts to use. In my case Open Sans isn't available, so the page is probably using Arial which I do. If that wasn't available it would the default sans serif font.

    And what's more it's obviously using a font as the rest of the page is rendering properly. I'm not sure it's directly font related as such.

  5. laffin_boy replied at 2015-2-7 13:07 back.gif

    @ s_ta_s: Thank you.


    See the Adobe Flash & Maxthon thread for details on ensuring Maxthon is using the latest Flash.

    I'm not 100% on Silverlight. I've never had any issues with it, even after upgrading through multiple versions, but it should be the same except that Maxthon doesn't include it's own version.

    What shows when you visit http://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/get-started/install/default.aspx

  6. Another thing.

    Keyboard shortcuts seem to do different things depending on what it is.


    CTRL-G opens and closes

    Esc does nothing


    CTRL-J opens but doesn't close

    Esc hides to background

    No way of closing the dialog unless you press the close button on the dialog or close via the taskbar button.

    Find dialog

    CTRL-F opens and closes

    Esc closes

    Main Menu

    Alt-F Opens but doesn't close

    Esc does nothing

    If it was me i'd have the shortcut work as a toggle like it does using Skynote and Find.

  7. GRC1 replied at 2015-2-4 02:22 back.gif

    Sorry for not responding but had a death in the family. Yes, I have tried everything you asked wit ...I'm sorry for your loss.

    Yes, I have tried everything you asked with no luck.Just did a test:

    Extracted and ran a new portable version of MX3

    Saved login details on Zillow.com

    Tested to see if details auto-filled once saved. Worked fine.

    Extracted a new portable version of MX4

    Copied userdata from MX3 to MX4

    Ran MX4 and loaded Zillow.com. Login details auto-filled correctly.

    Trying to save new ones there was also no problem.

    There was no graphic issues with the page in either version using Ultra or Retro modes. Nor was there any banner about "running an old version". AdHunter/AdBlock was enabled with the default settings.

    So once again, I don't believe the issue is directly with Maxthon, but more than likely some of your userdata or settings.

    Until you provide the following then it's almost impossible to state what the issue might be or how to fix it.

    What version of MX3 are you using (version number & install type eg. installer or portable)?

    What version of MX4 are you using (version number & install type eg. installer or portable)?

    What happens when you don't login with your Maxthon Passport account on MX3 & MX4 (if you use one)?

    Your User Agent settings for both browsers. (Main Menu > Settings > Advanced > user agent section)

    MX4 not loading your MX3 saved data means either:

    - Your using installer & portable versions so MX can't find the data;

    - Somehow your userdata is saved in a different place from default;

    - If using a Passport account it's not syncing properly;

    - It has been corrupted.

    But it all comes back to you providing info so we can pin point where the issue might be.

    One last thing. Some people wondered why I am using an unsupported version (MX3). That's because everytime I checked for updates I was told I was using the latest version. ByeUpdater has it's own issues, but i'm 100% certain it doesn't update between major versions.

  8. Are we talking buffering where you see the little spinning loading dots? Or just jumpiness like it's missing a few frames now and then? The skipped frames is something that I brought up ages ago, and seemed to have been fixed then they came back a few releases later. Haven't really noticed it lately though.

    As far as smooth scrolling, i'm right with you there. I'm not sure if it's the webpages or something else, but sometimes it works nice then a little while later it goes back to jumpy mode. Even at it's best it's still nowhere near as polished as Firefox.

  9. Now you feel like me asking the same thing over and over. The answer to you is no.Except there is a HUGE difference - we can't give you an answer because we don't have the issues you have. On the other hand it's simple for you to provide the information we're requesting. If you're not going to help us and do the tests required, then why should we waste our time trying to figure out your problem?

    I've linked to the stickied troubleshooting thread ,

    I've asked for some basic info to try determine location of data ,

    I've asked you to check logged out to check if it's a settings issue .

    Seems very one sided to me.

    If there was a magic fix for PC issues then there would be a lot of people out of work, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) there isn't and you need to offer some info for people to narrow down the issue.

    I'm the most patient person you will probably ever deal with, but there is nothing more testing of ones patience than when people ask for help and then ignore or disregard requests and still expect an answer, then complain again that the problem isn't fixed.

  10. Maybe if I repeat this for a 3rd time we might get an answer...

    On your new/clean installs are you using a Passport account? If so, test with trying the website without signing in and see if you still have issues with it saving.Did you try this?

    And still no answers to any of the questions to the post above!

  11. GRC1 replied at 2015-2-2 05:10 back.gif

    I am using Ver 3. because as I stated earlier when I installed Ver.4 all my passwords were gone and ...

    On your new/clean installs are you using a Passport account? If so, test with trying the website without signing in and see if you still have issues with it saving.Did you try this?

    Run through these troubleshooting steps.

    because no one can help me to get Maxthon to work.People are trying but you're not being very helpful with some of your answers.

    You've been told MX3 is old and shouldn't be used, yet you're still complaining that it won't work. That is a lost cause, forget about MX3 and get MX4 working as I and others have shown it works fine.

    If your passwords are lost, then they also shouldn't be available in MX3. If they're still there then the data isn't being transferred from MX3 to MX4.

    What version of MX3 are you using (version number & install type eg. installer or portable)?

    What version of MX4 are you using?

  12. YEP... I can read,That may be the case but your instructions are not only somewhat confusing they are wrong.

    You're discussing Nitro and Maxthon 4, along with NPAPI & PPAPI flash versions.

    You state to search for pepflashplayer.dll which isn't found nor used with Maxthon 4.

    You state to rename the NPSWF32_16_0_0_296.dll to pepflashplayer.dll which as far as I know won't work. (EDIT: Just tested and it does work somehow?!)

    ( try search for the pepflashplayer.dll file in your USB, so you know where to put the update in it )Which won't work as stated above. I'd be interested to know how/if that will even work seeing as you're renaming files to names that aren't even related. (As above seems it does work?!)

    Then you also state a path to Nitro userdata which isn't relevant to Maxthon 4, and especially not to the portable version.

    It's great that you want to help users, but if you're going to copy/paste info make sure it's at least somewhat coherent and relevant to a users request. Not only that there is a sticky thread discussing this very matter which clearly shows the correct (most widely acknowledged anyway) method to ensure Flash works with Maxthon.

    I apologise if that sounds abrupt, but it's just annoying seeing wrong info being provided to users when there is a clear means of doing it properly.

    So now i'm really lost, what's the point of the PPAPI an NPAPi versions of flash if they're pretty much interchangeable... off to google ..