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  1. Have you tried a disk check? This PC > right click the drive > Properties > Tools > Error Checking > Check

    If there is no program blocking access and even a program like Unlocker won't allow you to access or delete it, then the only thing left is that it has been corrupted. Hopefully a disk check will fix it and you''ll be able to delete it normally after that.

    At this point I don't believe this is related to Maxthon.

  2. Opening a book from https://read.amazon.com/ works fine here on MX4.4.4.2100

    This is with ABP running.

    If it was working fine, it could be a program you installed may have changed something causing the issue, or Amazon have done something that doesn't agree with your install, or something else entirely.

    Try disabling AdHunter and all extensions then test again. And then try logging out of your passport account (if you use one) and testing.

  3. loloking2 replied at 2015-3-3 06:40 back.gif

    That is not an ad it's just the website displaying an image and some text to (forcefully) request yo ...

    If that is the case then why did AdHunter hide the ad and the "hide" text? Considering that ABP is supposed to better it seems pretty poor that it can't do something as well as what AH did. I've even tried using the FF version and creating a rule using the options in that, and no matter what I tried to do it just couldn't remove the hide tags.

    In AH the rule that removed all those elements (IIRC) was */ad/*, adding the same to ABP doesn't work.

  4. I have to run the download manager and enter my user name and passwordThat doesn't make sense. What exactly are you signing in to? (EDIT: sounds like you're talking accessing the passport login via the download manager.)

    Sounds like you might be using different accounts, or you were using a guest account (no login) then changed at some stage to a passport account without importing your data, now for some reason you're not signing in properly and still using the guest account, then when you login via the downloader you get back to where you want.

    Go to the passport login screen from the main menu, enter your passport login details and ensure the "remember my password" and "automatically login" options are checked.

  5. I think a few downloaders do that. I'm pretty sure I first noticed it on IE ages ago.

    Makes sense as well, you've already acknowledged that you want to download the file by clicking it, so there is no need to wait till you click download/save. It's more just confirmation of the save location and filename.

  6. ddoe replied at 2015-2-25 17:42 back.gif

    Try print some page to PDF at the core Blink - text can not be selected, quality is low and the re ...

    You can't select text in files saved by Chrome either (at least on the version I checked). So that isn't an issue as such, but would be a nice addition so it works like IE does.

    But the low quality rasterised image is definitely something that needs to be fixed.

  7. Robert T. replied at 2015-2-18 02:52 back.gif

    maxthon's adbock plus is terrible

    it misses the ads on kiss anime

    unlike adhunter which removes the ...

    "Maxthon's" ABP isn't terrible, that's just ABP as it works exactly the same in Chrome.

    As for why AH worked differently/better maybe someone with more knowledge on how they work can explain.

  8. Mist001 replied at 2015-2-25 04:31 back.gif

    I've reported Chinese pop ups and other strange behaviours here lots of times and just been more or less dismissed but it's the fact that they moved this thread and tried to bury that's got my suspicions up.I don't think they've been dismissed, just that there was no solid info found to confirm exactly what it was. Nothing has been explicitly stated either way.

    As far as the thread being "buried"... you're trying to make something out of nothing. The thread was accidentally moved to User Voices when it was merged with another thread (post #15). That was nothing more than the Mod doing the merge not noticing what forum the merged thread was allocated to. This was fixed as soon as they were notified, and nothing to do with your paranoia about Maxthon trying to hide stuff. If we were trying to make it look like Maxthon is the perfect browser then 99% of the threads here would be deleted :-P

    I wonder if they've been spying on Maxthon users all this time until Superfish hit the headlines?I'm not sure if you realise but Maxthon's install base is tiny compared to any of the other browsers. The odds that anyone would be specifically targeting it (even in light of this apparent issue) is highly unlikely.

  9. jseeley replied at 2015-2-24 14:48 back.gif

    I just installed the latest MX and just got this! No way to remove these popups huh? What ...

    Never seen one of those ever I think. And i'm not using a Passport account.

    Try imanerds suggestion and see if that helps. Not sure how he came to that conclusion though. There doesn't seem to be a file or folder with that name.

  10. Not sure how you can have so many issues. The mirrored text has been confirmed, and using Retro as a workaround is a valid option for the time being.

    It seems you've gone through most of the troubleshooting thread. Doesn't look like you've tried #8 or 9 and I think that is where things might be most interesting. Let us know how you go.

    Also are you doing anything else? Or is it just when there are messages/notifications? I have it opened for long periods of time, and sometimes watch quite a few videos on the page, but it never gets to a point where the page doesn't work.

    RE: retro mode - as joemax pointed out, it's saved on a per site basis, and it's already been determined the rendering issues can be resolved using that. Note: this uses the IE (Trident renderer) and IE UA.

    Changing UA, this is a global browser setting, so all sites will use that UA. Not recommended if it's just one site causing the issues.

  11. I don't have access to the feed page, but all vines on the main page work as expected. Wait a second for them to load then they play. It seems the pages tries to load all the vines on the page, so if your connection is a little slow it may take a while for it to work properly. Also checked in Chrome and works the same.

    For the no sound, have you turned it on by pressing the volume/mute icon in the top left? As I understand it all vines are always muted till you enable sound. Unless there is a universal option to turn it on when logged in, then I think it's working as intended.

  12. A.S. replied at 2015-2-12 02:33 back.gif

    I'm going to cry and remember 2008 and MX2.While you're reminiscing also remember what websites looked like 7 years ago compared to what is achievable today.

    ABP might chew through a little more RAM, but sites are also much more complex compared to what they were back then.

  13. When are you getting this error? On sign in? After a purchase? Payment?

    I just signed in and everything is working fine, although I did have a weird issue the other day where after going to Paypal it wouldn't take me to the payment page. Turning off ABP fixed that, but never had any cookie issues.

    Try signing out of Passport and see if it still happens.

  14. MsMia replied at 2015-2-16 07:55 back.gif

    I got the new version, but I still crash in the Farmville2 game. Should I be deleting the flash play ...

    Yes, always delete it if you want to use the most recent version you have installed, otherwise Maxthon will always use the version that it comes with.

    Not being able to right-click to get the menu on Flash is a (long-time) known bug, you need to popup the player which will enable you to right click and get to the options as described by Dinataspace.

  15. Robert Redmon replied at 2015-2-16 04:10 back.gif

    I do not want to comment on an old post, but this is also my question / concern. Especially, because ...

    What exactly is your concern?

    Blocking scripts? Try as described in post #2.

    Messes up too many sites? Then only enable it only on your regularly visited sites and be a little more selective about which scripts you block.

  16. Henkie replied at 2015-2-15 18:48 back.gif

    The domain is the complete URL of the site, including protocolNot from what i've got setup on my system. I've got 3 stylish rules working and all are domain.com.

    Just did a quick check - i'm using this rule in Stylish:.title a{color: rgb(180, 180, 180)!important;}And adding ## works fine in AdHunter

    Only thing I can think of is that the domain isn't right.. i've done that numerous times where it looked correct only recheck for the 10th time only to find it was missing a letter.

    Otherwise if you can post some more details so I can have a look as well.

    This is one that I just tested for megagames.com (make sure that's the domain in the domains box).#block-menu-menu-top-menu {border:0!important}The borders around the links to the left of the login box disappear with it enabled.

    I click Save & Close, reload the site but the border is still there,You don't need to reload the site with Stylish, once you hit save it will update instantly. I usually run split screen (F10), that way I can see the changes straight away once I press save.

    If it was working properly you should see the change, and given that the rule is almost certainly not the issue it points me back to your domain or other rules.