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  1. As i said in post #3, the idea is good as users should get notified when they need to, it's just the implementation isn't right.

    I'm wondering why they can't add a toggle for the beacon and ignore it if it's set to off. In either case it needs to be made to look better. The icon or icon background changing colour/glowing I think would look nicer.

  2. Firstly try updating to the most recent version: http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-14823-1-1.html

    If for whatever reason you can't/won't or the problem still occurs then try the following.

    Try adding the following to AdHunter v4.4.3.4000:##iFor AdBlock Plus v4.4.4.3000:gruppoesperti.it##iIt blocks the spinner in top banner - idea is if that spinners are the cause then blocking them hopefully fixes the issue. While not an actual fix, hopefully we can come to a workaround that stops the freezing that's occurring.

    Again, this is only based on the little spinner on the top banner, for the others shown in your videos can you:

    Right click on one of the spinners > Inspect element

    Take a screenshot of the devtools window that opens making sure the highlighted part relating to the spinner is shown.

    EDIT: Have been testing this latest "fix" for the past day. Had about 8 or 9 tabs open from that site occasionally refreshing or opening threads. Browser has otherwise been used as normal. No crashes or otherwise. Coincidence? Maybe.

    Also tried disabling AdBlock and still no issues. At one stage Maxthon was using >1.5gb ram and didn't falter.

    So not sure if it's the blocked bits or the updated version. But so far so good. So you've got two options you can test out - hopefully at least one stops it from happening on your system. I'd go with updating as your first test though.

  3. shiganami replied at 2015-3-15 18:21 back.gif

    here is the little pop-up window as i see it on my win7 pc.

    (i eddited it from my win8 pc)

    It shouldn't look like that if it's enabled. You should see the other options + the social media stuff.

    Are you using a different skin? If so, change to the default and see if it still happens.

    And if you're using a passport account, logout and check.

  4. Don't use Yahoo mail, so can't really offer any advice.

    If you can paste the source code for the ad panel, I or someone might be able to figure it out. Not as easy as doing it live, but will give it a try.

    @looooping - it's not interesting. Interesting would be if he found something about the site that people didn't know. If you said "me too", then that I'd have no issue with. Something to think about.

  5. was it fixed because of the file i deleted ? you tell me, because i don't know. I can't say for sure, but it could be the case. To test you could try add the file back and see if it still happens.

    the installed one had 2 different java version .dll's inside webkit Np folder, one for 14.0 and a 16.0. the file i deleted was the 14.0 obviously.They're files for Adobe Flash. I'm not sure why have you 2 different versions in there as Maxthon only comes with one version (afaik) unless you added it yourself(?). The latest version of Maxthon now comes with the latest version of Flash, so it could be that it was using the v14 one which was causing a conflict somehow when FF was running. When v16 was used in the new install that same problem wasn't there.

    I would recommend reading through the Adobe Flash & Maxthon thread to ensure it is using the most recent version.

    As you saw, running through the steps while not directly finding the issue in this case, did you prompt you to check for something that you may not have otherwise. And again, while Flash wasn't on my radar initially given the issue didn't seem to be related, i'd be surprised if we didn't get to the same conclusion albeit possibly in a longer way.

    Nice work on testing with deleting the file. As I said above, you can test with restoring the old file if you like to double check, or just be happy that it seems to be fixed for now. And hopefully it is.

  6. The fact that it doesn't happen consistently makes it even harder to pinpoint. At least if it happened everytime you opened a page you can say 100% it's related to this page. Also makes it annoying to repeat as you can't always be sure something you did fixed it.

    So i know you might have done some/all of these before, but if you can quickly run through them and post your results hopefully we'll find something. Shouldn't take you more than 30mins max (reboots etc notwithstanding).

    From the troubleshooting thread if you can try #3 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9.

    And if you can have Windows Task Manager running (rightclick taskbar > Task Manager) and keep an eye on CPU usage.

  7. michigeo replied at 2015-3-9 10:19 back.gif

    @7twenty It won't run because the drive is in use by the system...

    Aware of that, but as I said it still should confirm that there are issues with the disk, and that in turn will set it to run at a startup. If it doesn't that means there either isn't an issue with the disk or that files that do that need to be fixed.

    Otherwise boot from your install disc (or some other type of bootdisk) and run chkdsk from a cmd prompt.

    And you can run through these pages which relate to the issue of chkdsk not running at boot:



  8. bricky149 replied at 2015-3-2 23:35 back.gif

    On Intel HD systems it's best to disable GPU acceleration. I've found pages to load noticeably quicker since there's no GPU thread blocking anything.Can you explain in a little more detail about how this GPU thread blocking thing works? I assumed that the CPU/GPU run independently as would a discrete unit and it being part of the core should have no effect on the way the CPU threads are handled?

    Mind you I don't have a great understanding beyond the basics of CPU architecture and how they work, but will happily read a technical explanation if you have one.

  9. loooping8 replied at 2015-3-9 07:40 back.gif

    yes,but in the moment I run this scribt: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/4881-adsbypasser

    for me ...

    hmmm thought as much.

    Just so you know:

    The 1st script - unless you know how to modify it for your own use (or use a lot of russian sites) it won't do anything for you - It's purpose is to replace the loss of CSS modification since ABP replaced AH.

    The 2nd script - while it will block ads, it's only does 500-odd sites. I think there are much better options for an ABP replacement.

  10. Tried the 4chan link, adjusted the settings as described and watched about 10 videos all without an issue. The videos popped up in the top right of the screen and close when the mouse is moved off the image. Browser is still running fine.

    So based off my testing I can't confirm the issue, but it does mean that it's quite possibly a local issue and not a widespread problem (although a sampling of 3 people isn't much to work from).

    Also tried with HW acceleration on/off - no issues

    ABPlus was enabled and blocked one .js file from the filter log.

    Also this is with test version .2200, although the only fix related to HTML5 is a for another site so I don't think it's related to this at all.

    Can your system play webM files in a media player without issue?

  11. 1st problem - Try disable adhunter as Oliver One said. If that works, then you may need to adjust some of the filters applied. If not then we'll start looking for other causes.

    2nd problem - Main Menu > Clear Browsing Data, make sure the "Delete cookies" option isn't checked. If that isn't checked, then there might be a problem with where your cookies are being saved.

    Magic Fill doesn't auto-login to sites, it just pre-enters the details it has saved so all you have to do is press the login button.

  12. but sadly, Nitro is the first version I'll probably skip completelyand go for either Firefox (if I want to upgrade), or Maxthon4. Here's why:And that is your mistake making out like Nitro is a replacement for MX, it's not and was never intended to be. If you want all the bells and whistles of an MX4 or FireFox then that is what you should use. If you just want a quick browser with some basic features then Nitro is possibly an option.

    but I really don't see how they'll juggle Maxthon 4, MX Nitro, and a fifth version. They wouldn't. MX4 support would be dropped (apart from maybe some bugfixes), otherwise focus would be on Nitro and MX5. So really nothing would change.

    I don't know if the marketing isn't right or people just don't read or comprehend, but there have been so many posts making out like Nitro is the successor to Maxthon 4. That was never the case, as it was always intended to be another option with a different focus. Just because people can't make that distinction I don't see why Nitro should always be looked down upon. I'm no proponent of Nitro, but clearly Maxthon thought there was a need for it and built it.