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  1. They are going to have light and dark theme support. I think the Store app already has it working but can't remember how to access it, I think it was an Fkey?

    So it looks like that's something they're going to carry over to the whole OS, similar to the light/dark option on Windows Phones currently.

  2. I can't confirm this 100% (i'm 99% though), but it looks to possibly be related to a "special" character in the title of the site listed.
    When you use the "Copy title and URL" option you get the following when pasting into Notepad.
    A quick search shows that it's a Unicode line separator character. So it looks like Maxthon has issues with this character when it shows up in it's data files for save data (at least for last session, as history has no problems).
    So until Maxthon allow support, or find a way to remove it automatically from any titles saved, it's always going to happen.
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  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your response. You better to make sure/ clear last session /option is not ticked

    It's not related to that, as I don't have that checked. When I tested, that site was one of the tabs when closing MX and the next start the last session list was empty.

    Going to do some more testing later on. But I'd recommend doing that test yourself, just do it on a test install or portable version so you don't have to try and get back any lost items on that list

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  4. having just typed that and read it back i could substitute Maxthon for Microsoft - they come from the same stable it seems  :titter:


    Was thinking the same as I was reading that post hehe.


    I think that's how things were when Win8 was being developed. For Win10 there is a little more input from users. It may not be direct changes from things mentioned, but I do think they are listening to at least some of the feedback.

  5.  and a start button program 


    Now how is MS going to know that their implementation is crap if you go and replace it with something else :p


    (apart from the fact you replaced it entirely lol)


    So has everyone here using the previews been leaving feedback? I've left a few, mostly just little things like the start search situation which has since been neatened up.

  6. It's only officially available through windows update. There is a site (don't have the link right now) that is offering ISO downloads created from the windows update files that are downloaded though.


    Otherwise wait a few days and it should be at the link provided in my previous post.


    A huge number of installs will be upgrades, so it makes sense that MS is forcing this, at least initially to ensure that the upgrade process works properly.

  7. I think I mentioned that Flash doesn't work on the Windows Phones.  Never has, not even with the newest build 10080 of the other day.


     Media center is being replaced by two different apps, the Music Preview and the Video Preview and they both work very nice on the PC and Phone.  


    Have you tried the "Hey Cortana" yet?  Neat, isn't it?


    Must have missed that about being for phones. That's correct there is no flash support on WinPhone as far as i'm aware.


    Media Centre and the Video/Music apps while having similarities they aren't what I was referring to. It was more about the option to use OTA TV. In Win10 there will be nothing provided by MS for this. So users will need to use a third party program for this. And like with most things on the net there is a small but quite vocal minority up in arms about it.


    Haven't tried Hey, Cortana yet - don't think i've got a mic on this pc... Although it could be quite handy. I quite like using voice commands on my Xbox One - Xbox watch TV, record that, switch, open achievements. Very handy.


    Will be interesting to see how that plays out on PC, although at this stage I think it's more about using it for search rather than navigation/opening programs etc?

  8. Let me know what you think of this build.


    It's much better than all the previous versions. Start menu is coming together nicely and they've integrated Cortana into the menu as well. The previews that have been leaked of future changes to the start menu are looking good as well.


    The new apps like News etc are nice as well. I never had an issue with the old ones, i used news/mail all the time, but these ones have a very nice layout which I thought i might not like.


    Apart from Media Centre not being available for Windows 10 I can't see any reason for people not to upgrade, esp with the free offer. Of course legacy applications not working is an exception.


    I think you mentioned that Flash wasn't working in Win10? It does, but it seems that there must be some restriction on how programs can access the windows folder. While in win8 you could delete/rename the NPSWF32*.dll file and it would use the system installed version, in Win10 this won't work. But if you copy that file from the windows folder to MX it does get detected and works.


    Not sure what that is about. Maybe might get fixed in future versions, could be user level in Win10 - don't think i've adjusted my UAC in 10.

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  9. There seems to have been an issue with the extension site yesterday. Many extensions weren't downloading properly and images were missing etc. Resolved itself since. It could be part of the problem, and instead of a usable error, you got a generic wrong file format one.


    I'd try again and see if it will work now.

  10. I found the reasons they give for extension rejection can be vague at times, or completely useless.


    What i did notice is that the GUID is linking to the original extension that you modded. I'm guessing it's conflicting with that as you're not updating that one. Try using a new GUID in the def.json and see if you have the same issue.


    I've also attached a json that is apparently in the correct format which you can use to double check that was the cause according to the error. Would be good if you can check this first and see if you get the same error. But I think the issue is the GUID.



  11. Good to see that you found the cause. I did a quick test using that extension and still had no issues. ABP enabled with standard EasyList + ABP warning removal list.


    With that said, this is the very reason why the troubleshooting thread was created. And i apologise for not linking to it earlier as I'm certain that if it was followed as described that you would have found the cause the same day it started happening. 


    Part of the issue was the mention of being ad related, so i and others automatically assume it's potentially related to that, which in this case can lead you down the wrong road.


    I think this thread is a great example of how following the troubleshooting thread will lead you to a solution, and probably more importantly, that users should read and follow directions exactly as posted and not pick and choose from requests. The reason I say that is this...


    Check with all extensions disabled


    Well... most of my Extensions are disabled


    It's almost certain this could have been resolved in 2 days instead of 5. No reinstalling, clean installs, portable versions or anything required.


    This is what happens if I disable ABP



    Never come across that even with it enabled.

  12. Again, it seems there is something going on with your settings. I tested by unchecking the "block ads on this website" and the page is full of ads. I then tried by unchecking the "enable Adblock Plus" in the options screen, and it showed the same.


    Enabling ABP then blocked everything (that i could see).


    Now in fairness, i'm only testing by checking with one video and only the first few minutes. Whether something happens after watching more at this stage I can't say. But based on your posts it seems this is happening on opening the page, so that shouldn't be an issue.


    What filters do you have enabled in ABP?


    Also try signing in to you account, but disable sync for ABP. Then check with turning on/off and enabling/disabling only one block list.

  13. Tried the portable and it works ...The site also works on other browsers 



    So then it's not Maxthon, or the site. Something related to your account is the culprit. And seeing as it works on portable, but not on your standard install logged out of passport i'm thinking it lies with ABP. If i'm not mistaken ABP rules are global, so whether you log in or not, the same rules apply.


    Use your normal account and test with ABP disabled. If that works, then enable one filter, check and continue till it happens again.

  14. So up till now this has never really bugged me, in part because AdHunter was able to do the CSS mods.


    Was looking at stylish-ing up the MX forum for my use, then I remembered that extensions don't work on any Maxthon sites.


    I'm curious to know the thought is behind this? What does it accomplish in restricting a user from using extensions as they want?

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