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  1. Помогает удаление встроенного в Maxthon флэш-модуля (файл в папке "C:\Program Files\Maxthon4\Core\Webkit\Npplugins\NPSWF32.dll") - тогда Maxthon подхватывает установленный в системе флэш. DLL может быть с циферками версий, и их там может быть несколько - мочите все.

    Если у вас в системе нет флэш-модуля, скачайте его на сайте Адоб и установите -

    В особо клинических случаях помогает перемещение системного флэш-модуля в папку Maxthon.

  2. s_ta_s replied at 2014-9-19 13:41 back.gif

    I looked through the whole article, but did not find the inscription "as advertising ".

    Firstly, it ...

    Until we haven't normal AdBlock for Maxthon I think its very useful information, that's why I share it here.

    I use Adguard by myself and I really enjoing how it works - silent and effective. Without any moves from my side.

  3. I use it and I like it! You can just install it and forget about it - it will works fine, just try.

    Adguard filters all traffic on your computer, so you don't need have AdBlock in every browser you have installed. Its a perfect solution for Maxthon users IMHO.

    Yes, it costs a little money - but I don't regrets about any cent! You can try it, Adguard have trial period - and you will see.




    Languages support: English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian.

    Operating system: any Windows version, Mac, Android & iOS.


    Adguard is ad blocking program that is justifiably among three best ad blockers in the world together with Adblock and Adblock Plus extensions. However, Adguard is not limited to banal banners removing; it is a universal program that contains all the necessary functions for the most comfortable using of the Internet. For example, blocking or warning about the phishing and other online threats, filtering of obscene materials and protection of your personal data on the Internet.



    The program includes 3 main modules: AdBlocker, Antiphishing and Parental Control.

    AdBlocker removes all the advertising elements from web pages. Blocks video ads, popups, removes banners and other advertising. At the same time filtering takes place even before the load of the website into browser and this means:

    a) no advertisements;

    b) less traffic consumed/less money spent;

    c) acceleration of the websites loading.


    Antiphishing protects against malicious and fraudulent websites. The program really reduces the possibility of virus infection of your computer. Adguard uses the blacklists, which contain millions of hazardous websites. The Antiphishing module processes the URLs in real time by comparing them with the domains in the database. And thanks to the optimization of this process – such verification takes a split second. This feature favorably distinguishes Adguard from major competitors – Adblock and Adblock Plus.


    Parental Control allows you to protect children from obscene materials and adult websites, which altogether ensures the safety of children online. Parents can rest easy, because their child will not see any pornographic content on the Internet. By the way, this feature is unavailable in other popular ad blockers such as Adblock and Adblock Plus.


    Antitracking – protection from outside observing of your internet-surfing history. With Adguard, advertising networks and counters won’t be able to track your searches and websites you visited and use the data for personal gain. Without you using Adguard, they have a fairly complete picture of your sex, age and area of interest.


    Special features of the program:

    1. Works in all browsers and also any program that download ads from internet - Skype, uTorrent ect.;

    2. Developed for blocking of all kinds of ads;

    3. Easy-to-use, blocks ads and works unnoticed on the background;

    4. Warns about danger when clicking on suspicious websites;

    5. Has special module (Adguard Assistant) for managing the program right from the browser;

    6. Works “out of the box”, no additional settings needed - REALLY!

    7. Necessary when using a 3G modem, because accelerates loading of pages notably and saves traffic.


    Comfortable work in the web

    Adguard will be a real solution for those who are tired of undesirable ads.

    There will be no more intrusive banners, distracting flash animation, annoying video advertising on Youtube. You can discover a clean and safe internet right now as nearly 4 million Adguard users already did.


    Recent version

    Current version of the program for Windows: Adguard 5.10. The main improvement of this version is significant memory usage reduction. Now, even on old computers or weak netbooks, Adguard will work silently in a background without slowing down the device. Comparison of memory footprint with the one of the preceding version showed that 5.10 version’s result is several times lower.

    Download the latest official version of Adguard on our website.