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  1. Ive tried the above before and yes it does change it but after a hour or so it defaults back to edge and that the same on a reboot.
  2. Glad its not just me that getting this issue. If it was not for the games/apps I would have ditched windows a long long time ago. Hoping the maxthon 5 team can get a fix sorted out as it is really irritating having edge .... default itself every so often.
  3. glad it isn't just me. 4.4.8 works fine with theses and was the one reason I always went back to the old version as 4.9 had these issues.
  4. twitter seems to be the same? I get this browser does not support video playback.
  5. This seems to be related to my post about HTML5 and maxthon 4.9 as for testing plex server is free and can be tested with any .avi file. If it works on that it will probably work on Netflix etc. Just thought I would try amazon prime and that has the same problem of not playing; also uses a HTML5 player.
  6. Hi I had a post before on the old general forum about videos not playing on Plex webview (its a video streamer for your home network, go to an internal ip address to see all your files across your home network). I didn't have this problem in 4.4.8 and everything worked as intended. On 4.9 no videos play, I updated the flash on Maxthon and nothing got fixed. I have done some digging and found out Plex uses a HTML5 player which is causing the issue. I'm guessing HTML5 is still being worked on for the big 5.0 released but just wanted to post my findings in hope it will get fixed in a later version. I am using v4.9.3.1000 just so you know. Thanks