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  1. I am using MX5 v5.0.1.1200, and it seems this issue happened after some Windows 10 updates. (don't remember which one specifically) Anyway as far as I know some apps don't have this problem in the latest Windows 10 such like Potplayer, which can choose file association during/after setup and won't get reset by the system, and it also appears in the default app list. So I think maybe it can be a good sample for your guys to figure out the solution. Regards
  2. I am using Windows 10 and I found Maxthon 5 simply does not appear in my system's browser list as you can see below: And as a result 'Set as default browser' button in the menu is not working - after clicking it and choosing to allow the browser to make changes to the device, the system's default web browser becomes empty. I have tried reinstall Maxthon 5 but it's still not showing up in the list. And since the default browser function is not working I have to turn off the 'Keep Maxthon as the default browser' setting to avoid that annoying user account control notification. Anyway thank you for your guy's work and hope this issue will be fixed soon. Regards