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  1. That's what is strange, it USED to work, but no longer. Either Ctrl-C/V or Right-Click over selection and copy/cut, then paste. The Copy part works, it's paste or Ctrl-V that has become inactive. So I reverted to the latest stable version.
  2. Hi all, Since today, all the beta versions refuse to paste anything. I can copy text but paste yields to nothing... It does work though with stable versions...
  3. Dev CZ replied at 2015-1-22 06:22 There is no history in the Maxthon Nitro. It is simple browser. If you want extra features you sho ... Thanks, but I like the speed of Nitro ! Not sure the full Maxthon is as light.
  4. BugSir007 replied at 2015-1-22 19:26 Hi MerleOne, Really sorry. Maxthon Nitro is a simple browser ans hasn't supported many features (suc ... Thanks. I understand that, but since there is a "clean history" feature, I thought there was an history kept and accessible.
  5. Any other way to access history ? I have tried Ctrl-H, about:history in the URL bar, to no avail !
  6. Hi, I am using Nitro build 3000 and I cannot see how to access browsing history. Right-Click over the big blue arrow on the left top of the windows doesn't do anything. Am I missing something ? Thanks