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  1. Thanks BugSir007, that fixed it. Much appreciation \, Kerry
  2. Same minor display problem with as with (see attachment aerodisplay.jpg ). IE, FF, Opera, & Google Chrome all display http://www.comcom121.org/phpBB/viewforum.php?f=5 correctly (see areodisplayedcorrectly.jpg attachment using Firefox) It should look like this: Board index Gabby's Tips Gabby's Tips Not like this: Boa < Gab... < Gab... Is this something I can fix or is it a bug? Thanks, Kerry default browser = Maxthon Windows 8.1 phpBB 3.1.3 aero style 2.0.4
  3. I rec'd an email touting Adblock Plus. It looks good enough to be from Maxthon except for the dl. in the URL. When I search for Adblock Plus nothing comes up. Anyone have experience about this? i.e. If legit, does it work?
  4. I've become use to placing my cursor at the top of a browser's page so as to move the window around my desktop and between monitors; with Nitro it's hard to place the cursor at the top so as to move the window because of the tiny space between the tabs and the very top. Also, the pop up confirming a post/reply adds an (unnecessary) step
  5. Hi <{}>, Got it. Thanks. I still prefer to have the icons. While I have your eye; how do I subscribe to a thread so that I get email notfications of replies?
  6. Hi <{}>, The URL shouldn't matter. It's the same one I use for IE, FF, Opera, MX4.3.4000, Google Chrome, and Flash Peak Slim Browser. I open Nitro and it displays a search field and several search engine options. I enter my URL in the address field and the web page displays correctly. I then select, "Use current page as Homepage" and then close Nitro. I open Nitro again and it opens to the search page not my URL.
  7. Nitro's Minimize, Maximize, and Close icons are cute but they cause extra mouse movements searching for thier specific location. I prefer the accepted style of most other browsers.
  8. I don't understand your reply. I have a web page URL that my other browsers open to. With Nitro it opens to the search options.
  9. Just installed Nitro, sure is blazng fast. I can't get Nitro to open to my home page even though I opted for "Use current page as home page." I have to click my home page icon whereas with MX4.xxx it opend directly to my home page. Nitro has been set to be my default browser. Suggestion? Thanks, Kerry PS: The drop down issue menu doesn't offer Windows 8.1 so I opted for Android.