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  1. 7twenty replied at 2015-1-5 02:14 back.gif

    If you bothered to listen to anything that people have told you in the past, you would realise that ...

    I have no time to search about best skin I need also still there is no skin center for Maxthon 4 plus No skin on skins center for me was interesting each one has its own restrictions and I don't enjoy nothing of them, and Maxthon themes are clumsy in skin making!

  2. In low screen resolutions Seems Maxthon is terrifically going to clumsy , Isn't it ? If Yes Why ?

    All options or features in Maxthon for PC is Gigantic !!!!!!!!!

    Chinese products in ancient times like ceramics for example , remember world to elegance but Nowadays why worst products recall people towards china products ??? Hey Chines what's happen to you ?









  3. magg replied at 2014-12-31 15:44 back.gif

    I don't care who is owner of this website!

    The easiest and safest way to download is grabbing it ...

    By IDM or MDM I download Nitro from link you give me but the same result is happened :Application Error, I can guess what's reason? File's names used in Nitro installer are long and Windows with weak hard disks like mine can not detect them........... I download Maxthon for PC but no faces with this kind of Error and installed properly good


  4. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2014-12-30 18:21 back.gif

    What does one have to do to make you understand? Nitro has no Extensions, no import of favorites, ...

    I want to see inside of new browser as one who has translated Maxthon products. Nitro is not installed on my PC and I want to know whether Maxthon Nitro like chrome No continue supports anymore for old PC like mine or the reason is anything else...............!?

  5. PLEASE CANCEL these lng translated strings by him I indicated

    Here I found some wrong Lng translated strings in Android and added here for attention these Lng strings confirmed because of voted from before so always coming with Persian Maxthon for Android in each releases

  6. I have the same problem too with Maxthon in Tablet Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition

    Passwords can not be saved on some pages and all user data like quick access and passwords are being lost for ever after uninstalling Maxthon and installing new release. I had more than 100 saved pages on Quick access and perhaps multiple passwords saved but after installing new release all data be lost the best browser for Android platform is just uc browser Indian Webbrowser it offers all synchronizing for all data user it offers proxy browser too you can use it but Maxthon for Android is so much poor in features and options Puffin is good too. Leave Maxthon and use US browser or Puffin or Baidu!


  7. SashaNikolaeva Hello Engineer, Can you please indicate the strings in question for me, so I can reach out to an independent translator who will proofread the text and make recommendation? Thank you.

    A- Bad Translated strings For Android:

    A- Bad Translated strings For PC: 

    Will indicate soon


  8. All translations of this user 'mnafshin' in crowdin

    are incorrect or inappropriate or displaying mirrored on products released I voted negative to all those are wrong or displaying mirrored on products released or translated inappropriate. Please unconfirm his suggestion Ivoted negative or delete iI have already translated correctly for each of wrong cases but nobody is to unconfirm his suggestions and confirm my suggestions